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In Topic: Long, Parker, Adams called in for USMNT

15 October 2018 - 05:28 PM

I don't know about Weah as a starter.  Maybe someday, but I haven't seen enough out of him to say he's absolutely a first 11 player now (although his pass that set up Wood against Colombia was excellent).  If you want to play two up top, you've got Weah, Wood, Jozy and Sargent to choose from, and maybe a few others (Aron Jo., Sapong, Dwyer, Zardes, Nova, and even Carleton with Atl. U.).  If you want to play  him as a wide midfielder, he's competing with Pulisic, Green, Zardes, Picault, Arriola, Aron Jo., Fabian Johnson, maybe even Nagbe.  One of those players could end up in the middle, but still, if we were playing a game that mattered, I don't know that Weah would be one of our top two wide midfielders or forwards.


And as much as I like Parker and Long, they're great in MLS but unknown at the international level.  I would definitely like to see them get a shot, but there's no way I can say they are better than Brooks or CCV right now.  It would be pretty cool seeing an all-RBNY center of defense with Parker, Long and Miazga, though.

In Topic: Long, Parker, Adams called in for USMNT

12 October 2018 - 11:23 AM

He just turned 31, and may have lost s step, but is not too old to be part of the USMNT for the 2019 Gold Cup. Another player needs to step up and push him to the sidelines. IMO, that happens in practice, where his replacement shows the speed, dexterity and wisdom to slot in at MBs spot. We cannot wait until 2021 for this.

Definitely think that Bradley can stick around for another year or two.  I just don't think he should be considered an automatic starter or a guy who can never be subbed off.  


It would have been interesting to see what the lineup would have been last night if Pulisic, Adams and McKennie were healthy, along with Acosta, Bradley and Green.  Pulisic probably would have started out wide, but that still leaves 5 players for 3 central midfield spots.  It also would have been nice last night to bring on a younger, more athletic player to replace Bradley in about the 60th minute, maybe a guy like Sean Davis.

In Topic: Long, Parker, Adams called in for USMNT

12 October 2018 - 06:44 AM

Can we move on from Robinson.....just not quality National Team LB. If he is the best the US has at LB, we are in for some painful WC cycle.

Who else do we have?  Villafana, Ben Sweat?  I don't see any obvious upgrades.  At least we can hope he'll improve since he's pretty young.


I'm not a Michael Bradley hater, I don't have a problem with him getting called up now, although I doubt he'll be a factor in 2022.  But it's pretty clear that he's no longer a 90 minute guy, and probably not a starter.  Falcao ran right past him on the third goal, and Quintero breezed past him and hit one off the post a few minutes later.  Sarachan may not have had much choice but to leave him on last night with the injuries to Adams and McKennie, but he absolutely shouldn't be considered an automatic starter or 90 minute guy.  Curious to see what the next coach does with Bradley.

In Topic: Metro - Atlanta Game Thread

01 October 2018 - 03:26 PM

I don't question his coaching or recruiting abilities, but that was a classic dick move on his part in the Armas incident. Spoiled childlike. 

I agree 100%.

In Topic: Metro - Atlanta Game Thread

01 October 2018 - 02:37 PM

As a Barcelona fan, my memory of Tata's year as head coach was him being intimidated by the locker room, insisting on a bad lineup with like 4CMs, failing to beat Simeone's Atlético Madrid on the last day of the season and winning no hardware.

I read him as a soft and too self-impressed relative to his actual quality back then, and he confirmed it yesterday.

In his defense, he most likely was a reason why they were able to recruit Almiron, Martinez and a few others.  Even if his actual coaching is overrated, don't underestimate his importance as someone who good SA players want to play for.