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Getting Tossed Out Of Bello's Yesterday

02 July 2015 - 07:43 AM

I have been a soccer fan in this area for many years. Was a member of ESC back in the day, so I understand having passion for your team. At the same time I always enjoyed interacting with all supporters (assuming they weren't acting like pricks), and I still do. I'm old enough to have watched the Cosmos live in the 70's, my wife & I get a retro kick out of the team. I work in Newark and have been to Bello's many times. I went in yesterday to meet a buddy (also ex-ESC) before the game. Was wearing a Cosmos t-shirt under a button down shirt (no, it didn't cross my mind to button it up...). I was confronted by a RB supporter (big guy with a beard) who informed(in a confrontational way) that I had to get out. he told me he was born in the 70's. My message to him: If you are around age 40 and really care that much about what shirt someone else is wearing you might want to step back and contemplate life a little. But the more ridiculous behavior was displayed by the owner or manager of Bellos, a supposed businessman, who greeted a well behaved, sober customer (me) with the words "Get the F**ck Out". Perhaps he could have tried something along these lines: "Sorry, this is a big Red Bull bar and we try to avoid trouble on game days. I'd appreciate it if you 'd go somewhere else - come back tomorrow, I'll buy ya a beer". Anyway, it was an entertaining match - congrats on the win.