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The New Coach Thread

04 September 2020 - 12:08 PM

Looks like the biggest question is not the 11 but who will be in the coaches box...

MLS schedule for rest of season

01 September 2020 - 10:41 AM

Last scheduled games are 9/13 with make up games on 9/16.  


Any word on next phase? 

Guessing this will come out maybe early next week.


How many teams will be based at RBA?  

Mark Lisi USMNT jersey reunited

27 August 2020 - 01:17 PM


Depth chart

21 August 2020 - 08:55 AM

duncan for striker !!!!!!!!!


Good problem to have in that we will have competition/upgrade at 2 key locations in a few weeks

no more 4222

this is no a MLS Cup winning team but lets see what the new additions bring. 

Still need more though by need sum to be MORE than parts rather than the less than parts we saw or another addition.


Tetth up to solo or I believe he could even play wing.  

How is Barlow beating out Brian White?  What is up with Brian?




Royer/Stroud   Kaku/RZA   Valot/Egbo/Mines  Omir at any of the 3 


Pendant/Egbo?/Tarek  Long Parker Tarek     Duncan/Egbo/Seagrist?



Sean Nealis is 4th CB

Tolkin could be 4th LB or even 4/5 CM

Chris Lema 4/5CM


I am guessing the 5 sub rule continues until at least this first set of 6 games?  Or is a rule now for the season?

Ultra RBL or is it RBL Ultras

18 August 2020 - 06:30 AM



Raisenballisen - who knew that is German for Red Bull Out. 

love the team hate the brand

even they acknowledge most teams are national or global businesses


ahh the first world problems of having a corporate parent who spends money on young dynamic players and coach and they reach semi finals of the (top) international club soccer competition...........

just wait till they flame out again like they fumbled the Bundesliga top spot to Bayern this year...