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#1368571 Where is Thelwell?

Posted by Borats on 02 August 2020 - 01:22 PM

Kaku is the only recent transfer that was leaked super far in advance.

Look at our most recent activity,

Jørgensen: article from Denmark saying the deal was done
Egbo and Jensen: announced by Dylan Butler in an piece after those deals were done
Pendant: rumor came out a day or two before the deal was completed
Yearwood: announced after the deal was completed even though they had been working on it pre pandemic shut down

Toney: speculation that it was Leipzig until it was reported that RBNY had a £4 million offer turned down
Lopes: only heard about interest after the initial bid was rejected and Hull insisted he wasnt for sale

RBNY tends to keep things under wraps.

None of the these transfers are big, only Kaku one was. Usually when a big one is coming, you hear about this. But I would like to be wrong and have a major player arrive without any leaks come August 12.

#1368418 BWP signs with LAFC

Posted by Borats on 28 July 2020 - 11:27 PM

Watching BWP flourish at LAFC has been bittersweet.  I'm happy that he has a legitimate shot at lifting the cup after his years of exemplary play in the league, but I can't imagine how he feels about red bull.  He poured his soul into the team and got shown the door in a truly shameful way.  Retiring his number before he retired, not offering him an extension, the general lack of empathy.  Honestly makes me hate RB (even more than I already do).  



Red bull brass fires legends and lets the door hit them on the way out.  #RedBullOut

I really didn't expect BWP resurrect his career at 35. Maybe some did, but I think he exceeded most people's expectations by looking like BWP of old. I doubt LAFC gave him the contract of old either.

#1368259 MLS has tentative plan to continue 2020 season

Posted by Borats on 25 July 2020 - 09:22 AM

Nov. 20/21: 8 v. 9 play-in
Nov. 24/25: Conference quarterfinals
Nov. 28/29: Conference semifinals
Dec. 5/6: Conference finals
Dec. 12: MLS Cup

When is 12 v 13 play-in, want to mark my cal?

#1368227 Too soon?

Posted by Borats on 24 July 2020 - 05:16 PM

Prior to that, I had not realized that Mike was bi-lingual.
Can I still say that?

It's a tough one. If your wife said it though, and you were a player for Galaxy, you would be released just now.

#1368217 Too soon?

Posted by Borats on 24 July 2020 - 02:53 PM

To paraphrase Groucho, it was a word commonly heard around the ground, especially on goal kicks.

He was respectful enough to say it to the ref in his own language.

#1368170 Too soon?

Posted by Borats on 24 July 2020 - 11:00 AM

Armas is a very good...assistant coach. You let him run training. I would say the same thing about Dome Torrent. You need a strong tactical manager and motivator in the mold of Jesse. Petke was a motivating coach and Red Bull canned him because they felt he was weak tactically or wouldnt get with the system...he won with a team that was multiples more talented this one and because he had Thierry. I have to believe that the organization will not have Armas behind the bench for 2021. I just have to.

Bring back Petke!


Too soon?

#1368153 Why was Sims returned?

Posted by Borats on 24 July 2020 - 09:01 AM

We lost Murillo and Lawrence who were trash in 2019, and Sims played in all of 10 games for us. I get the impression Sims wanted out and we accommodated him. It may be lost potential but he didnt make a real contribution in his brief time here. Those three may have been MLS starters, but they werent contributors to this team last year. I will cut Thelwell more slack than you: he wasnt hired until February and within five weeks the season was halted and he was stuck in England. There hasnt been very much signing going on between March and now. Its a wasted year, get used to it.

I would have to disagree on multiple fronts. First, Lawrence was not trash. He was the lone all star on the roster, and we lost that all star. Secondly, while Sims played only 10 games, he played well, brought speed and quick decision making. I could observe a significant drop off in team's play when he was injured in play-offs. We could have certainly used someone with his speed and ability during MLS is Back tourney. Finally, I do not want to accept this is a wasted year. It really didn't have to be if we paid a bit more to Lawrence to stay, kept Sims, and maybe make another couple of moves in August. We still can make a few moves now to make this a much better year, but Thelwell needs to get to work and add talent instead of letting the little we already have go.

#1367965 Metro - Cincinnati Game Thread

Posted by Borats on 22 July 2020 - 09:07 PM

There is something positive from tonight's game. Valot goal was amazing, and Amro Tarek had a great assist.

#1367941 Metro - Cincinnati Game Thread

Posted by Borats on 22 July 2020 - 08:48 PM

now THIS is a USL quality side.

This is USL game, yes?

#1367700 Daniel-Kofi Kyereh

Posted by Borats on 21 July 2020 - 09:14 PM

Could end up being decent signing if happens. Not as exciting as when we first got Sims, and not the DP level talent people are looking for, but we gotta get some real MLS quality players on the roster even as depth players. The roster is currently filled with USL types or inconsistent players. Wharlow, Omir, Muyl  have been underwhelming. Even Rzat is not as consistent. If this guy can produce say at Veron's level, that's a decent option to have. We generally need to upgrade most positions, and certainly need more talent on the final third. Losing Sims didn't help there, but hopefully this guy comes in and helps fill some of the void we have.

#1367657 Was Armas right to bench Murillo?

Posted by Borats on 21 July 2020 - 12:55 PM

No personal attacks at all, my friend! I (and what appears to be 99% of this board), thought Murillo was trash last season. You think he was a top defender in the league with off the charts stats. We disagree. He's gone. We can move on and start arguing about how much you think Seagrist is the next star.

My points when it comes to Armas and Michael essentially come down to this:

- Murillo was not a top defender last year and regressed from year before, but still was WAY better than Buck, and leaving him off the play-off roster whilst taking Buck was a very bad mistake by Armas, since all year's work comes down to a few play-off games, and we lost this one very narrowly.

- Murillo was a star before Armas and a star after Armas, which to me speaks very poorly of the coach.


Your chief point from what I can tell is this: 

- Murillo sucked, with big (false) emphasis on the team having better record without him, which I have disproved with facts and evidence, providing links to all competitions

- That prompted you to bring up another Buckmaster like scrub, Seagrist, whom I never claimed was any good at all, causing another false narrative on your part


You are right on one thing though, we will need to disagree on this one and move on.

#1367603 Was Armas right to bench Murillo?

Posted by Borats on 20 July 2020 - 07:21 PM

my evidence is the game footage. Go watch a game. As for stats, what stats covers ball watching and not defending?

Here is an example, there was a huge game against chief rival scum where Rooney was given a fully deserved red card, which was equated by a BS red card on Tarek, where he was given a booking for fouling by his back! Scum was down 1:0 and equalized, and it did not look good for us, but Murillo made a run to their box and drew a penalty which got us much needed 3 points. I thought you said he "quit", yet here he is making a run through entire field earning us a win. Buck has NEVER done anything that's anywhere near this sort of contribution. I understand he regressed from the season before, but he was still by far the best option we had in play-offs, and playing USL level player over him, while not even activating him for play-offs was an absolutely fatal error.


Do you understand that the whole year's work comes down to a few play-off games? That's where you are obligated to put the best line-up. Don't give me horse shit that it was OK to use him to win against chief rival DC end of August, but a month later in play-offs, where we lost by such slim margin it wasn't.

#1367583 Was Armas right to bench Murillo?

Posted by Borats on 20 July 2020 - 02:53 PM

Just think abt this...his defense was better than murillo's.

No, it wasnt. Nothing he did was better than Michael. There was an article of actual stats to prove it, referenced earlier. What proof do you have Buck did any better? There is a reason why hes in USL right now.

I am also still waiting for a proof of Murillos «quit» mental state Particularly given the fact he was one of the top players in MLS in areal duels as a referenced in article. The fact he had some frustrating moments last year isnt it.

#1367349 Metro - Columbus Game Thread

Posted by Borats on 17 July 2020 - 01:05 PM

Everyone was sucking each others popsicles after Tareks performance against Atlanta.

Look at the history. Hes a decent backup CB at best. One performance does not a career make.

I am afraid to say you are right. The fact he is the CB1 now for RB is a testament to regression of Long and Parker rather than resurrection of Tarek. Tarek is a solid back-up, no more and no less. Long and Parker need to get back to where they were before and perform up to their abilities in order for the team to have solid defense.

#1367338 Metro - Columbus Game Thread

Posted by Borats on 17 July 2020 - 12:09 PM

lol ACROSS goal is technically not ON goal 


The most dangerous chance was kaku shooting towards the corner flag and getting deflected closer towards goal but still 15 yards away.  rough rough night. 


A Zelaryan level player makes this very a different team.

heak even pedro santos who is wiling to shoot from distance would have done quite nicely last night.

Santos was able to get passed our players off the dribble multiple times. Wish we could have a guy like that with good one on one ability.