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Some people just repeat themselves, over and over and over, and then again and some more

17 December 2020 - 12:30 PM


I understand a potential transfer fee doesn't mean much to you, but surely you appreciate that it does to the likes of Thelwell

What I appreciate is when a GM improves the team. I don't mind that he makes a few bucks off a loan, but ultimately I want Metro to get better. And I do think losing Stroud instead of exposing Jorgey makes us worse. Stroud brought play making abilities that only Kaku has on the team. Valot and Rza failed when they played the 10 spot, and Stroud actually helped create chances and possess the ball. I also would make an argument that none of the players Thelwell brought so far are much better than Stroud, if at all. Perhaps Yearwood will be as he is still young, but Stroud actually stepped up in play-offs in limited time while Yearwood didn't.

What grade would you give Thelwell?

25 November 2020 - 08:50 PM

What great would you give him so far?


- Fired Armas (A)

- Got Pendant as left back ©

- Got Yearwood (B)

- Released Sims, didn't replace (F)

- Addressed striker with Teteh (F)

- Hired Struber (Awful start, but N/A so far)
- Helped get Clark's rights (B)
'Bout C so far?

Bleeding talent

24 November 2020 - 12:04 PM

Amazing how players our coaches relegated to the bench and/or dumped fairly recently are doing well in better teams. Now Kaku and CCJ are getting this treatment as well. Then we complain of not having talent or they didn't fit the system instead of admitting a mistake and not making it again. Really upsetting...

Struber didn't start Kaku

21 November 2020 - 10:18 PM

It's no lose for Struber. If he wins, he's a genius. If he loses, not his team.

Well he sure didnt look like a genius today. I wish his visa got delayed by a couple of weeks

Some people can't stop talking about Murillo and Sims departures

21 September 2020 - 10:51 AM

TBF, I think you have the Murillo situation backwards - he was benched for being a problem, he didn't become a problem because he was benched.    Sims almost certainly went back because of Covid and nothing else.

Say what you will about Murillo, but when a guy is a star before Armas, then becomes a star right after Armas, and wasn't injured or anything during Arma's tenure, it's fair to say Armas had a lot to do with him not playing up to potential. And still he was 10 times better than Buck. Sims was just another example of benching a player who is clearly superior. Sure, Covid had a  lot to do with departure, but being a back-up and barely playing on RB in MLS I don't think helped when alternative is back-up in EPL. Again, be it as it may, that's two example of clearly superior players whom Armas benched and left.


Kaku started to get similar treatment, so I definitely prefer Bradley to Armas, so that we don't risk losing Kaku as well, but we need someone better to coach this team, since it looks now even worse than under Armas with 5 defenders and no midfield.