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In Topic: The Fire(?) Lesesne Thread

Yesterday, 10:58 AM

Might as well cause yeah Barlow.. but I also haven't seen what others have seen out of Hurtado, doesn't look good enough to make an immediate impact much greater than Barlows

What we know is that barlow and manoel playing the forward position does not work. There is a significant amt of data that shows that they are not MLS players.

If it was based on merit, whoscored stats rated burke as our best forward this season due to what he does off and on the ball.

There is not alot info for hurtado but you have nothing to lose if you split time at the forward position with burke and hurtado. That would have saved the season.

At this point, season is lost. Give hall, estrella, nocita, ndam.. ect some 1st team minutes

In Topic: The Fire(?) Lesesne Thread

02 October 2023 - 11:27 PM

He keeps forcing a two striker formation when we dont even have 1 striker right now with Dante out. Good coaches dont force a system if we dont have the players. Why not play a 4-2-3-1? why not play hurtado who shown glimpses of good hold up play and big enough to be a solo guy up top? Then have Harper and Omir on the wings after both had good games in DC with luqi in the middle. Its crazy to me that the fans see a pattern every game with Barlow and Manoel but a professional coach doesnt see it. If we kept winning and the offense was scoring ok fine you obviously dont change it but the offense sucks other than a one fluky night in DC.

If we did this I believe we would be in the playoffs.

The only thing I would add is that I want tolkin to not take any shots during free kicks. It should all be a set play in the box. We often score when this happens and we are a solid team winning aerial duels.

In Topic: Ndam is no good

01 October 2023 - 03:47 PM

what happened to Nocita again?  Or do they think he sucks

He looks like a good athlete but needs to improve distribution and positioning. He needs to play against better competition to improve.

Him and ndam would benefit a lot if they played in the USL to get experience.

I would rather have nocita be the 4th cb than mini nealis. I think mini nealis is just too small and gets bullied at cb but he is a good back up for either wing position.

In Topic: Ndam is no good

01 October 2023 - 09:55 AM

I am okay with ndam. He was having a solid game but his mistakes comes from lack of playing time. He needs more experience

Nealis was making similar mistakes a few seasons ago.

The issue with last night was that an inexperienced player had a yellow card and the coach needed to pull him in a must win game.

Was ndam at fault? Yes. But so was the coach. Mini nealis needed to come in at half time

In Topic: Metro - Chicago Game Thread

30 September 2023 - 09:08 PM

Throwing on Hall was dumb. Did he even touch the ball? We basically played 9-on-11.

Agree. Hurtado should have been subbed in.