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In Topic: Amro Tarek

Yesterday, 04:08 PM

Orlando have given us a couple of gifts, first with Collin and now with Tarek. Are they so stacked with CBs year after year, that they can afford to let these guys go for next to nothing? Their record seems to indicate otherwise.

(I know Rivas and Redding were garbage, but I view that trade as clearing SK and his salary so we could sign Kaku. So not really gonna judge that trade harshly.)

In Topic: The Fire Chris Armas Thread

Yesterday, 12:13 PM

My theory is that rbny doesn't have the fitness level they had in previous squads. I noticed that we look gassed by the 70th minute.

I actually think the way we play is part of the reason we've had some slow starts to the season since we started playing Ralfball (including under Marsch).  You need to be fit to play the way we play now, and the best way to develop that fitness is through games, rather than training.  That takes time.  


We've also had some exceptionally strong finishes, too (such as last year).  

In Topic: Metro - Vancouver Game Thread

Yesterday, 12:08 PM

Nealis is our 4th CB and a rookie. Just 4 days ago he had to be called on in a pinch and did an excellent job in helping us defeat the defending champs, while down a man. People have incredibly short memories. 

He was dreadful last night and no doubt cost us the game.  But yes, perspective is called for.  He's also put in some good shifts, even scored a goal.  He's a project.


(But again, boy was he terrible last night.)

In Topic: Metro - Vancouver Game Thread

22 May 2019 - 12:44 PM

I can't use my seats, and feel its bad karma to try and sell tickets for a Wed game against Vancouver.  So, if anyone's interested, I have two free seats in 201 for the first taker.  

In Topic: New Petke Podcast, "Off the Chest" -- lots on Metro/RBNY

20 May 2019 - 12:53 PM


I know that SLC proper is pretty liberal, and that Rocky Anderson was mayor for many years.  But RSL play in Sandy, where the majority of the population is LDS, and I think a large part of their fan base is as well.