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Yesterday, 07:14 PM

Sporting front office ineptitude? No way.

In Topic: MLS SuperDraft - Jan. 21 2pm

14 January 2021 - 08:44 PM

MLS has completely butchered the format and rules around the draft. Its wild how many college players are opting out. Given how few of them end up with MLS deals, it makes sense.

Option A: Express interest in the SuperDraft so that a club nominates you to be on the eligible list (yes, this is mostly how the list of eligible players gets built), get drafted, play somewhere you may not want to be, play preseason with the team that drafted you only for them to not sign you (vast majority the past couple years). This causes you to not have time to impress another MLS team or USL team that expressed interest initially. While after the first game of the season you can request to be released, if all other teams pass, especially since that would require a contract without having you at their preseason, you land on the College Protected List. Finally you get a USL deal (since MLS is now out of the question for another year due to the College Protected List) and finally start getting paid. You do well and impress an MLS team. The drafting MLS team owns your rights and requires the other interested team to give them something in return.

Option B: Forego the draft, spend preseason with any MLS team that expressed interest in you and where you want to be (league has a loose Discovery List for this situation). It doesn't work out so you come off the Discovery List and essentially a free agent again. You played well in a preseason game against another team (hopefully not Odd Greenland during the La Manga Cup). The other MLS team picks you up since they don't need to give anything up.

In Topic: MLS SuperDraft - Jan. 21 2pm

14 January 2021 - 04:59 PM

How does pick 81 work in a 3 round draft?

27 teams. Normally #81 would be the last pick, however teams that traded for 4th round picks before they cut to 3 rounds are getting picks after 81 (5 of those).


13 January 2021 - 08:11 PM

I get the love for the guy from front office, media, players and peers, and I do hope he suceeds.
That said, they did a couple of 'all access' segments showing his halftime speeches. That guy couldn't motivate an elephant to eat a peanut.

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13 January 2021 - 12:45 PM


Sums it up pretty well. If only these fans had been around to see some of our "gems".