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In Topic: Shield will not be awarded this year

Today, 01:25 PM

Looks like they are realizing they made the wrong decision after all the blowback lol...


The Supporters' Shield Foundation board would like to provide an update:

We are currently holding meetings with supporter group representatives about the original decision in light of new information and feedback we have received.

A public update will be forthcoming.

Honestly, the reason we're discussing it again is because of the reaction to the announcement, but even more than that, it's because Dan posted that it was awarded in 2001 even though not everyone played the same number of games. I'll be honest and say I did not know that and that changed my mind on it. That's precedent in my opinion.


Our original idea was to protect the integrity of the Shield due to an imbalanced number of games played. Now that we know this has been handled already, we are looking at it again.

In Topic: Shield will not be awarded this year

Yesterday, 12:33 AM

Presumably the actual reason is the fact that there will be Western conference teams who will not play their full schedule, but there has to be language about "no fans in the stands" etc etc to avoid making it look like they're calling this season a joke (which it is).
Just my 2 cents.

Exactly this. I'm one of the Shield board members. We had language about that in the statement MLS asked us to take it out and then proceeded to throw us under the bus. For the record, I didn't want it taken out, but was overruled.

In Topic: The Fire Chris Armas Thread

26 August 2020 - 05:05 PM

I have to be honest, I think he's like 95% justified.


Forget about whether he's a good coach or not, whether he should be fired, etc. Put yourself in his shoes for a second. He takes over for Jesse and we perform even better than we on the way to the best record in MLS history. He makes a few mistakes against Atlanta and gets absolutely torn to shreds for it.


The next two seasons, his GM and ownership provide him absolutely nothing. A journalist literally asks him in his face if it's a problem that other teams have a Josef Martinez or Diego Rossi while he gets Tom Barlow, and he's forced to grin and bear it and pretend that's totally okay. Everyone blames him when he never even really had a chance. I'd be pretty indignant as well. 

Armas may have had a better record in 2018 than Jesse (Armas 12-3-3 Jesse 10-2-4 in MLS play) the offensive performance bottomed out once Armas took over. We went from 35 goals in 16 games to 28 goals in 18 games, a goals per game average of 2.19 to 1.55 with the exact same players on the field. The defense was slightly better under Armas, both managers saw their sides give up 16 goals, Armas gets the slight edge from the 2 extra games.


If you look at the team's performance under Armas in 2019, the goal production is the same, 1.55 per game, but the defense was in shambles. They went from giving up less than a goal per game to giving up 1.5. That's a huge problem when your manager is a former defensive player and is very defensive minded. The number of 1 goal games under Jesse in 2018 was 4. Under Armas it was 8 in 2018 and 6 more in 2019. It's clear that his blind spot is offense. You can have the best defense in the world, but if you can't score, it means little to nothing.


Is it on Hamlett to find him better players? Sure, but given the exact same roster as Jesse, Armas' side performed noticeably worse in roughly the same amount of time.

In Topic: Random Player Name Thread 2020

25 August 2020 - 01:57 PM

Suarez and Luke Rodgers up top would scare the shit out of opposing defenses and fans sitting in the front row.

In Topic: Metro - Blue Poseurs Game Thread

20 August 2020 - 11:49 AM

Sounds like you would have a very hard time rooting for 99% of thr teams in Europe, and every team in the US except TOR SEA ATL POR LAG. Unhappy with the state of the team? Definitely. Thats why we complain on here and to season tickets reps. Apathetic for a match against a rival? Thats the type of stuff you do when youre not really a fan of the team. If we go out there and win 2-0 tonight, half of you would jump on the bandwagon super excited and the other half would find yet another reason to complain. Believe it or not, thats called fair weather fandom.

Personally, I'm apathetic for tonight's match because in the grand scheme of 2020, this means nothing. My dad died a month ago. I might not have a job in 6 weeks. Thousands of people in our immediate area have died from a virus we barely know anything about. We've all been locked down in our homes for one reason or another for an extended period of time and the level of stress is off the charts. Sorry if some of us aren't gung ho about a game behind closed doors against the blue team. There's nothing wrong with being excited about the game or the team or the players or the future. Just like there's nothing wrong with being pessimistic about any or all of those things. Everyone is allowed to support how they want. Hell, ESC has more songs about losing than most teams have in their entire songbook. That doesn't mean we don't support the team, that just means we have seen it all and can write some pretty funny shit to ease the pain.


So if being apathetic about the team right now means I'm not a fan in your eyes, I won't lose any sleep. None of us get to decide who is and isn't a "real fan" or anything like that. There are many that claimed to be that before you, and there are many that will claim that after you are gone, but no one get to make that call.