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#1373519 Shield will not be awarded this year

Posted by Sandman527 on Today, 01:25 PM

Looks like they are realizing they made the wrong decision after all the blowback lol...


The Supporters' Shield Foundation board would like to provide an update:

We are currently holding meetings with supporter group representatives about the original decision in light of new information and feedback we have received.

A public update will be forthcoming.

Honestly, the reason we're discussing it again is because of the reaction to the announcement, but even more than that, it's because Dan posted that it was awarded in 2001 even though not everyone played the same number of games. I'll be honest and say I did not know that and that changed my mind on it. That's precedent in my opinion.


Our original idea was to protect the integrity of the Shield due to an imbalanced number of games played. Now that we know this has been handled already, we are looking at it again.

#1369443 Metro - Blue Poseurs Game Thread

Posted by Sandman527 on 20 August 2020 - 11:49 AM

Sounds like you would have a very hard time rooting for 99% of thr teams in Europe, and every team in the US except TOR SEA ATL POR LAG. Unhappy with the state of the team? Definitely. Thats why we complain on here and to season tickets reps. Apathetic for a match against a rival? Thats the type of stuff you do when youre not really a fan of the team. If we go out there and win 2-0 tonight, half of you would jump on the bandwagon super excited and the other half would find yet another reason to complain. Believe it or not, thats called fair weather fandom.

Personally, I'm apathetic for tonight's match because in the grand scheme of 2020, this means nothing. My dad died a month ago. I might not have a job in 6 weeks. Thousands of people in our immediate area have died from a virus we barely know anything about. We've all been locked down in our homes for one reason or another for an extended period of time and the level of stress is off the charts. Sorry if some of us aren't gung ho about a game behind closed doors against the blue team. There's nothing wrong with being excited about the game or the team or the players or the future. Just like there's nothing wrong with being pessimistic about any or all of those things. Everyone is allowed to support how they want. Hell, ESC has more songs about losing than most teams have in their entire songbook. That doesn't mean we don't support the team, that just means we have seen it all and can write some pretty funny shit to ease the pain.


So if being apathetic about the team right now means I'm not a fan in your eyes, I won't lose any sleep. None of us get to decide who is and isn't a "real fan" or anything like that. There are many that claimed to be that before you, and there are many that will claim that after you are gone, but no one get to make that call.

#1367279 Metro - Columbus Game Thread

Posted by Sandman527 on 17 July 2020 - 01:04 AM

When is the last game we had with 0 shots on goal?

June 23, 2013 3-0 loss to Philly


#1362135 Stadium updates

Posted by Sandman527 on 24 February 2020 - 10:50 PM

So I guess the new seats in the south ward arent arriving in time for opening day?

Jesus Christ these guys cant get anything right.

The manufacturer fucked up and shipped them as late as possible. Add in a delayed boat and a world wide panic over a disease and they're not making it in time.

But yeah, the it's the FO's fault.

#1361362 Hamlett gets a new boss: Kevin Thelwell, Head of Sport

Posted by Sandman527 on 12 February 2020 - 08:50 PM

ha ha ha... Wait were you serious?  He came on at the tail end of the transfer window.  Can we wait until he heres for a full window?

There's always an excuse within this fanbase. "Give him until the summer window." (Summer window comes and goes) "Well of course they didn't sign anyone this window, no summer signings work out. Wait until the off-season. (Off-season comes and goes) "No one is selling midseason. We have to wait for the summer window when everyone else is in their off-season." (Rinse and repeat)

#1358306 First offseason rumor: Insaurralde

Posted by Sandman527 on 27 December 2019 - 09:12 PM

different leagues and all...
when we acquired Casseres, he had played a dozen games in VEN, no recollection of what RBNY paid for him. 
Insaurralde played about the same number of games in ARG, but he won't come as cheap as Casseres. The team needs help in midfield and maybe this move can be helpful. Prob is, not much stuff to go on wrt how the guy is as a player. As a result, ppl being hesitant is natural, imo. Conversely, I was fine with Kaku's pickup, cuz he had played 70+ games for Huracan. And there was enough footage of him in action, added with all the decent to good things said about him during his transfer from Huracan ppl.

CCJ was a free transfer. Hamlett beat NYCFC on a discovery claim by a week.

#1324015 Some groups are jokes

Posted by Sandman527 on 19 April 2018 - 12:35 PM

Our supporters are a joke because we have three groups that can't even get on the same page for more than 15 minutes. You can have whatever opinion you want, but I'm pretty sure most people wish it were possible to just be one large group and all be on the same page. I'm not blaming one group or another, I have no idea who is to blame.

Maybe this is normal. I want to say SOB do not have this problem. From afar, it seems groups in Portland, Seattle, and KC do not have this issue but maybe they do.

It does blow my mind that we can't have three individual groups and have them co exist. VA picks first song, ESC next, then GSU. Rinse repeat. Life is never that simple and it takes once person to ruin it, but I wish it were the case.

Atlanta: Multiple supporters groups who work together for the most part in their 2nd season of existence.

Chicago: Supporters sit on opposite sides of the stadium and keep each other at arm's length while singing vastly different songs throughout the game.

Colorado: One supporters group that doesn't have any issues because they're all high from smoking weed all day.

Columbus: Multiple supporters groups that work together under one umbrella to hate their owner.

DC: Multiple supporters groups who have historically never worked together and hate one another that are now forced to be in one supporters section together and might kill each other.

FC Dallas: 3 supporters groups that hate each others existence and are in separate sections singing different songs.

Houston: Somewhat work together now, but historically hate each other and sing different songs.

LA Galaxy: 2 supporters groups that must be separated on opposite sides of the stadium due to bad blood. Neither will speak kindly of the other.

LAFC: 500 supporters groups, 1 for each owner. Literally haven't been along long enough to work together at a home game.

Minnesota: Multiple supporters groups, including Marxists, so that's cool. They're from the Midwest and aren't capable of being mean.

Montreal: 3 supporters groups. 1 behind each goal and 1 in the corner. None talks to the other or sings together.

New England: 2 supporters groups. 1 old school, 1 newer. History of tensions, seem to work together because they all know Sully from down at the docks.

NYCFC: 5? supporters groups. 2 banned from buying away tickets. 1 recognized by the FO. All of them hate TR.

Orlando: 2 supporters groups. Seem to get along now, but hated each other in the Citrus Bowl.

Philly: The 3 SOBs left get along until Tommy orders a cheesesteak wit out onions. Lost most members due to infighting.

Portland: Communist society that forces you to be under the TA banner. All others are banished.

RSL: 3 supporters groups that sit in different areas of the stadium. None of them work together.

San Jose: Ultras and everyone else. Ultras won't talk to everyone else. Everyone else is afraid of the ultras, who stole the first Supporters Shield and refuse to give it back.

Seattle: 2 supporters groups that won't acknowledge that the other exists. Though they sit next to each other, they do their own thing and can't even agree on tifo.

SKC: 2 groups that literally sit on other sides of the stadium because they don't like each other that much. Only sing "I Believe" together. Sometimes

Toronto: 4 supporters groups who barely speak to each other and stay away as much as possible.

Vancouver: 2 supporters groups that are only just starting to work together with each other.


But yeah, no. Our groups are the worst because they don't sing the same songs at the exact same time together for the full 90 minutes. You should totally run for the board of one of these joke groups and fix it all.


Also, fuck that Steve guy. MetroCapo is an asshole, I'll give you that.

#1295948 Politics!

Posted by Sandman527 on 23 February 2017 - 09:24 AM

You missed the point, and it went totally over your head mate. Stop being selfish and hijacking someone else's (the New York Red Bull's) platform for your own agenda, and have some respect others who if they cared about your political views, would go to the correct platform to seek it.

The other side of the scarf says "Against Racism" and ESC hangs a pride flag from the perch every game. Are those considered political now because the oversized tangerine ended transgender rights? Get fucked, snowflake. If flags and politics viewpoints hurt you and your enjoyment of soccer, you don't understand what the sport and supporter's culture stands for.

Why don't you go run along and send an email to St. Pauli supporters telling them their stance bothers you and your enjoyment of soccer.

#1295945 Politics!

Posted by Sandman527 on 23 February 2017 - 09:12 AM

People pay money to come to a soccer game, to watch said soccer game - not to see what the South Ward thinks about travel bans and the President.  

Then fucking watch the game and stop staring at the South Ward.

#1284882 New chants / song ideas

Posted by Sandman527 on 05 August 2016 - 09:49 AM

Call and response chants may be corny to some, difficult for most, but you need something else (or added) other than "Come On You Boys in White" and "Let's Go Red Bulls". If done right, it can work getting the rest of the fans involved. I suggested this in the past, so I'll do it again:

"Who do we sing for?"

Just replace "We sing for Wanderers" with "Metro/Red Bulls", and you know the rest.

With thanks to the RBB: https://youtu.be/tY1-34wE1GA

This would just start a pissing contest between the three clubs. "We sing for Metro!" "Metro is dead! We sing for Red Bull!" "Fuck modern football! We sing for New York!" "Wait, which New York? I'm confused now!"

#1277502 Anyone going to San Jose for game on 4/13?

Posted by Sandman527 on 31 March 2016 - 06:15 AM

Hey everyone,


Trying to find out who's going to be at the San Jose game Wed. April 13th?  Would love to get a group of us together to watch the match.

There's about 20 of us going out there for the game. If you need tickets, you can purchase them at http://empiresupport....ticketleap.com

#1276885 We Have a New Fan

Posted by Sandman527 on 15 March 2016 - 07:43 AM

I was coming back from work in PA today, heading north on the NJ Turnpike and stopped at a rest area to get a coffee. I ran into Jason Kreis. I was the only person to recognize him. I told him I thought he was a great coach and he says "My previous employer didn't think so." I laughed and said "Yeah, to be honest I'm a Red Bulls fan and still thought you were a great coach." He didn't skip a beat and said "I'm a Red Bulls fan now too." Great moment. Just thought I'd share with fellow fans about our new fan Jason Kreis.

But you left out the most important piece of information, does Jason Kreis make a good cup of coffee, or not?

#1276536 Montreal Away Tickets 3/3 Deadline

Posted by Sandman527 on 07 March 2016 - 08:59 PM

I read on the ESC group page that  you are basically SoL. You can get tix but not in the same section. Not sure which section is supporters, as that question went unanswered.
IMO, I can't see how it would be an issue getting into the section. If you wore your gear, chances are they would try and get you in that section. I say this without ever having been to that arena though.

We don't have our section number yet, but if memory serves me correct, we're in the lower right hand corner of you're looking at a seating map. I think in the 200's.

#1276118 ESC Home Opener Pregame Tailgate Lot A

Posted by Sandman527 on 28 February 2016 - 08:12 PM

I'm an ESC member and this might not be the place to vent, but just going to say that having to pick up tickets instead of e-mail, and needing to be there so early is very frustrating. Would love to know why this is the case?

We changed the policy because having to split 60-300 pdf files and then make sure you send the correct ticket to the correct recipient is time consuming for the board.  If you do not want to, or cannot, be at the tailgate before noon, your ticket can be picked up at Will Call at your leisure.

#1255492 Going to baseball stadium

Posted by Sandman527 on 19 May 2015 - 04:03 PM

Tickets are currently sold out in the designated supporters sections (325-330). HOWEVER, we are working on increasing the allocation. Please, and this cannot be stressed enough, do not buy tickets from Stubhub, Ticketmaster, or anywhere else. We will get more tickets and you'll have every opportunity to purchase them. So just sit tight, we have more than a month to go.