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Let's argue about Tyler Adams!

24 February 2018 - 12:20 AM

I thought that same about Tyler but seems like the stats say other wise

 Adams completed 45 of 48 passes (per MLS Matchcenter chalkboard) and many of those were forward passes, to go with two interceptions and four recoveries.

Listen, Adams didn't have a bad game, and the stats do indicate that. The problem is that he is expected to be team MVP, being dangerous, creating chances, and this simply didn't happen last night. Was he top five on the team - absolutely. Was he team MVP - not even close. He basically put together a Dax like performance, while we need him to be  a Sacha two years ago. And we really need him to step up to that level to have a chance to be successful this year.

The Dax trade, again

08 January 2018 - 10:01 PM

Did you watch Dax play in 2016? He was poor to start the season and then missed a large chunk due to injury. With guys like Davis and Adams ready in the waiting, moving on from Dax was not the catastrophe youd like to think it was.

As for Taxi, he desperately wants to go to Europe. If you know anything about him at all, you would know its not just for himself, but for all Jamaican players. He feels they are underappreciated in pro soccer and he thinks that him getting a bigger check on a bigger stage will help their cause. If $2Mil is the best deal we can get for him, why hold him back?

Yes, I watched Dax play, and he showed 0 sign of decline, and came back strong from 1 month injury. He was still one of the top at his position. Not sure about catastrophe, but giving away a top 5 player at a position, all star, USMNT guy at the age of 29 at the time of trade and not getting young talent back (actually not getting ANY talent back) is an idiotic mistake.


To answer you question on Taxi though, many players want to play in Europe. Finish your contract and go play there. Or if they want him so much, maybe there is a player on their team that we want too, let's make a trade. But to give away for 2 mil, it just seems like a such a waste. We are already weak at defensive wing. Lost Duvall last year for nothing. Murillo seemed to have played OK towards the end of last year, but jury is still out, and he is our best guy at the position. Losing Taxi will hurt and will hurt very badly. 2 mil is not enough to endure this pain.