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Some people argue about uncovering talent

02 July 2020 - 12:05 PM

I'm not entirely excited at the prospect of scouring the 2nd & 3rd divisions of England for bargains, either, if that is what they're going to be doing. 

Well, if we could find the next BWP at Charlton or
Plymouth Argyle, I would be delighted.
But, how likely is this diamond in the rough to be found?

Red Bull accounting

20 June 2020 - 10:41 AM

RB Leipzig just got 100m written off by papa Red Bull

Are you discussing an accounting move? Link?
Or transfer fees?
RBL spent about 82M Euros, recouped about 55M.
Werner sale will push the latter to E108M.
E26M is about $29M.

Metro Shootouts

14 May 2020 - 04:58 PM

I preferred shootouts to draws, although I thought that each team should get a point for the tie, with an extra point for a shootout win, valuing it less than a regulation win.

Some people get abused on the Internet

12 May 2020 - 04:31 PM

BWPs dad Ian Wright abused on the internet: