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In Topic: Kemar re-signed

Yesterday, 09:24 PM

If thats his attitude now, what impact will that have come the playoffs. If he feels under appreciated, he might start tanking it.

Because tanking will help him make a move to Europe?

In Topic: Long, Parker, Adams called in for USMNT

Yesterday, 02:23 PM

I think it was Doyle that once said that if Dax had the exact same skill set but was born in Argentina he's have been sold to Europe for $10M and starting there.

Wasnt Dax more of an attacking mid in his early days? If he was born in Argentina, he would have been pegged as a CDM/holding mid much earlier, and his career would have been better for it.

In Topic: Long, Parker, Adams called in for USMNT

Yesterday, 09:39 AM

Davis deserves a shot at the usmnt. Only midfielder that has shown that has belong in the starting 11 is Adam's.

The other guys have raised questions. I am not even sure if mckinnie or acosta should even be on the squad. They might be talented but play as if they are afraid.

The fact Trapp has gotten multiple calls over Davis doesnt make any sense.

In Topic: What is Muyl good at?

15 October 2018 - 11:41 AM

Muyl or DE getting longer sub appearances are not necessarily some major difference in philosophy as they are a matter of circumstance.  Armas has  done well in his short time in charge, but he hasn't shown anything special in that area, yet.    

The sub appearances might not be why some of the younger guys are playing better, but Armas does use subs a lot more, both in how many and how long, than Jesse did; Armas uses three subs almost every game and they are all usually for a decent amount of time.

In Topic: What is Muyl good at?

12 October 2018 - 11:19 AM

Beware sample size. Muyl has had a run of 5 good games offensively. Etienne has scored 1 goal. Armas may well be bringing the best out of them, but it could also just be variance/luck/coincidence.


I often think managers' role is overrated or a result of a narrative based on outcomes and not process. Certainly some managers are better than others but you can count the ones that really have an outsized influence over a long period of time on one hand (in Europe, Fergie, Ancelotti, Pep in the last 3 decades), and many others just have a good year or a stretch of 2-3 years, maybe win a title or two, and then fade to obscurity (i'll keep my eyes open for the remainder of Mancini/Konte/Zidane's careers).

Of course.  And, we'll never know if Armas would have trained these guys as well as March did.  They may not be capable of being the players they are now without Marsch.  I'm just saying Armas has done a better job than Marsch of integrating these guys into actual matches, in a way that has taken some pressure off, and, in my shitty opinion, has allowed them to prosper.


Also, I'm not basing their performance solely on goals and assists, although Mull's numbers have been good the last few games, I'm basing it more on the eyeball test.  Muyl & Etienne both look to be playing with more confidence than they had prior.


Even if you forget Etienne & Muyl, look at the minutes Armas has given Ivan since he's signed.  Based on how Marsch played Veron, do you think Ivan would have seen anything close to time he's with Armas if Jesse stayed?  Ivan hasn't shown much, but Armas is still showing his belief in the player.