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In Topic: Robles looked like a fool

Yesterday, 07:57 PM

You're talking like the game plan was infallible, which is the point ivo was reasonably calling into question. Having a guy try to sprint backwards to the post as a free kick is being taken by one if the best in the world isn't exactly straight out of the "soccer 101" textbook, there's a reason you rarely ever see it done. If an NFL coach tells his cornerback to ignore the route and do the Macarena instead, do you still blame the cornerback for not stopping the TD?

The larger point is that the setup used is Marschs call and Murillo messed it up (or Giovinco saw what was happening and took the kick quick). Robles did his part and people are unjustly placing blame on him. I guess you could blame him for not disagreeing strong enough with Jesses plan. In the cornerback scenario, you can blame the cornerback and coach, but not the linebacker.

In Topic: Robles looked like a fool

Yesterday, 06:05 PM

Seems harsh. Why are we assuming that having a player backtrack and get to the goalline is a brilliant strategy? Don't see too many teams going that even against great SP takers. Even when you have someone on the goalline (happens rarely) they are already there waiting for it). And ultimately the responsibility organization of the defensive players in situations like these still falls on the keeper.

Last night we didn't get a lot of angles, so it's hard to say what happened with certainy.

not suggesting having Murillo backtrack was brilliant, I was just assuming that was Marschs strategy, not Robles. If that was Robles call, then Ill take the idiot label.

In Topic: Robles looked like a fool

Yesterday, 03:11 PM

Anyone criticizing Robles on Giovincos free kick fans from the playoffs last year needs to do a little homework on what happened there. If you understand everything the situation and are still blaming Robles for that goal, then you an f-ing idiot. Cant comment on Phillys first goal last night, I was watching at an outdoor viewing party and didnt get to see a good replay.

Also, I think Meara is a great keeper, the problem with him is that he gets too many knocks. Obviously, you cannot say the same about Robles.

In Topic: Metro - Seattle Game Thread

16 June 2018 - 04:33 PM

Finally got a chance to watch the first half this morning (I wasnt able to watch it live). Muyl has some wide open looks, but none of his most were atrocious. That one header for example, sure it was wide open, but it wasnt like Muyl had a ton of time to do whatever he wanted with it. He obviously could have definitely done better in front goal, but he was probably out there as much to help Kutler as he was for anything else, and I think he did that well.

When Kaku comes back, I want Muyl back on the bench, but these spot starts dont drive me crazy. His celebrations on the other hand...

In Topic: Metro - Seattle Game Thread

15 June 2018 - 08:22 AM

I think that's reading too much into it. Occam's razor says Royer doesnt think Muyl's very good, and should definitely be passing the ball rather than dribble himself, in all situations. I think it may have also just been frustration after a bad game for Danny, the goal aside.

For all of the hand-wringing about Muyl, he had a decent game yesterday. Not sure how the backheel pass didn't make it to the 4-minute highlight video. He beat people 1v1 a couple of times, which is something we've all said he needs to improve on. On that last play he beat 3 defenders before falling to beat the fourth! Very dangerous cross in the first play of the highlights. Arguably could've had a penalty in the 2nd half after dribbling past a guy in the box after the BWP breakaway (went down easily, sure, but there was contact too, and he wasn't getting to the ball so going down made sense). Yes, there were two or three poor finishes, but he was hardly atrocious yesterday. Valot had two bad misses as well (one was the sitter and another was the skied shot from around the edge of the box after Muyl's backheel), and so did Royer.



Occam's Razor doesn't explain everything.  Obviously, I don't know what was in Royer's mind there at the end of the match - I just know we haven't seen an outburst like that from Royer before, more than just Muyl was bad in front of goal (including Royer himself), RZA had just made a similar error in not killing the game, Muyl was excellent in his pressing all match, and Muyl helped provide cover on the right side with Kutler getting only his second start with first team.  As bad as he was in front of goal, I think Muyl's game was more good than not.  That Royer did not and chose to focus on Muyl and not any of the other players that made similar mistakes, makes me question whether or not there is something else going on.