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#486921 Speaking of old school ESCers

Posted by Ed NYC Firm on 12 January 2008 - 10:38 AM in MetroFanatic.com

well i can say for sure....AS on the rock there is no racist...he has shared a few drinks with me during high school and later.. one of the coolest guys i have ever met.

Not only is the guy not a racist .. He is actively anti-nazi .

I'm guessing the guy you responded to didn't bother to watch the video as right after Pan talks they show scenes of the NYC Skins with several black , asian and hispanic skinheads .

#482637 NYC Firm

Posted by Ed NYC Firm on 31 December 2007 - 12:35 AM in MetroFanatic.com

First of all Ed if you dont know who I am dont call me names,or try to assume stuff.
Second of all ,well as you remeber i said that i would like to meet with you guys and talk things out..you are assuming again that i am trying to steal
third well maybe i dont know exact politics of old nycf bc until i came to states in 99 well i was in other firm  ..
well maybe you should speak to AS first and ask about me ...then make your judgments  

Then go out and create something with a another name . That's all I ask .

"NYC Firm, coming from the death" .. That was the name of the thread . Tell me how that isn't trying to steal our name ?

You say you don't know the politics of the old NYCF , that just means you didn't even bother to find out before trying to have the NYCF come back "from the death" . All you needed to do was ask Johnny Metro (AS) why most of us no longer go .

Now 2 members of the NYCF (myself and Metrostinkier) have told you we don't want you to use the name . What more do you need to know ?

Come on,  get over yourselves !

Translation : " I was too lazy to find out so I'll just post a smart ass answer"

#482406 NYC Firm

Posted by Ed NYC Firm on 30 December 2007 - 12:27 AM in MetroFanatic.com

A question for the NYC Firm members. Are you guys planning on supporting a new NYC team, should there be one in the future?

I believe metrostinktier ( who is in the NYCF ) already answered that question .

But it might rethink that if the a NYC team was a relocated DC United ( as one of the rumors from this past summer went ) . :ph34r:

#482371 NYC Firm

Posted by Ed NYC Firm on 29 December 2007 - 07:47 PM in MetroFanatic.com

Most 'firms' when they grow older want nothing more than younger lads to take over the name and carry on the tradition.

Only in this complete fucking footballing backwater do you get people who seem unable and unwilling to share their love of the game.

NYC Firm ? never heard of them ... when's the book coming out ?

There was an article in Soccer America back in 95 where Nathan described what the NYCF was , go find it before making any comment on the NYCF .

I wouldn't have a problem with growth of the who was in the NYCF , in fact we did add a few people who were not there in '95 .

This is not a case of the NYCF adding , it's a case of some pretender trying to steal our name to support a team that most of the members of NYCF refuse to support .

#482315 NYC Firm

Posted by Ed NYC Firm on 29 December 2007 - 01:30 PM in MetroFanatic.com

Or use the name off an old ESC metro scarf I found the other day .. The Bridge and Tunnel Firm .

Just don't use NYCF .

#482263 NYC Firm

Posted by Ed NYC Firm on 29 December 2007 - 02:57 AM in MetroFanatic.com

Truth. :pint:

No one was talking to you

#482236 NYC Firm

Posted by Ed NYC Firm on 28 December 2007 - 10:37 PM in MetroFanatic.com

well all i see here is bullcrap....if u dont want to come to gs dont , there is rkf ,cbus,foxboro ect.

ban from that stadium few times and still was comming....and now njsea dosnt tell us , just ask me if we could stop doimg certain things.

well i dont want to make any judgments but heard that certain person from nycf actualy was wanking toronto fans....

well so u rather cheer for some other team that has fans that ur local team.....this is NY team it dosnt matter whether its tampax or ophra ..its our team ...its mutation of our Metro ...and it always will be.


Simple most of us don't recognise this team as the Metro and just because they are the "local" team , that doesn't mean they get our automatic support . In many of our opinion the Red Bull company destroyed what was "OUR" club . They took away the name and colors . the Metrostars may have been a shit organisation and a shit name but it WAS "OUR" shit organisation and "OUR" Shit name . We won't support a "team" that bears the name of the company that destroyed our club . That's up to us isn't it . You aren't and never will be a member of the NYC Firm , it is just a few of us who are/were in it . If you want to pretend that you are that's up to you . I've asked that you don't use the name . Others might take a bit more offense at it .

As for going for another club in the MLS ,, Fuck that , we hated them as Metro supporters there is no way we're going to turn around and support them .

As for my own reasons ,, I'm sorry that the US Army has taken up most of my free time for the last 5 years

I'm also sorry that I was impressed that they brought 300+ plus down to watch their club get shelled . I forgot the only SC that should ever be praised is the ESC .

#482201 NYC Firm

Posted by Ed NYC Firm on 28 December 2007 - 06:52 PM in MetroFanatic.com

And where are these guys now? Go ahead Peter do your thing.

Don't know about Macca ,, But Nathan is currently living in Japan ,,

#482191 NYC Firm

Posted by Ed NYC Firm on 28 December 2007 - 06:20 PM in MetroFanatic.com

Ed was a class act from the old ESC. Talk about a real and genuine pashion for the game. Then there was Kevin, Nathan and so many others. All were servant-leaders, willing to roll up their sleeves and get the job done. I wish the ESC had those guys back.

Not badmouthing any current ESC leadership, just making a statement. Those guys went beyond being assets.

Thanks on that although I wouldn't even begin to put myself in the same level as Nathan or Kevin Macca .

All I am asking is that the name NYC Firm is not used out of respect to all the work guys like Kevin and Nathan ( both NYCF ) did for the ESC ..It was a name born watching shite football on the terraces of Randalls Island and is not a dead group by any standards , just most of us no longer wish to go to GS for various reason .

#481989 NYC Firm

Posted by Ed NYC Firm on 27 December 2007 - 08:49 PM in MetroFanatic.com

You see  Ed that is why i wrote in first post that before anything will or will not be done we want to get together ...i dont know if you in touch with old mates,if yo are lets meet up one day and talk things thrue....and after that we as a colective decide if NYCF will be resurected..


I am in contact with all the people I mentioned . And their answer is No . As I said before the NYC Firm is and will always be only 1 certain group . Unless you can figure out a way to go back in time and be on the terraces  of Randall's Island supporting the Centaurs you will be nothing but pretenders .

#481976 NYC Firm

Posted by Ed NYC Firm on 27 December 2007 - 08:18 PM in MetroFanatic.com

well Ed its not going to be RB supporters grup.......if you feel ike comming to the games your more than welcome....u dont have to though...political reason whatever.... that is why i moved that topic, spoke with AS couple of times about it, that is why i would like if we all could meet up one day and go over couple of things, ideas and would see if the old firm agree on certain things.....my main idea is to get a firm that will represent Ny and not just one particular team.... so dont say i cant do something if you dont know the whole idea of it.....


Glad you at least talked to AS about it .

But my feeling ( as well as those of TM , Red Dan , Nathan and Upsetter) is that using our name in GS or RBP is a no go . Choose another name other than NYC Firm .

#481959 NYC Firm

Posted by Ed NYC Firm on 27 December 2007 - 07:31 PM in MetroFanatic.com

The NYCF is a specific group of people and no you may not "resurrect" it as a Red Bulls Supporters club .