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#1354103 Metro - Portland Game Thread

Posted by Brian.MLS on Yesterday, 10:25 PM

Shep basically said we should just shut the fuck up and be ok with doing nothing and being an "underdog" every game.

Fuck off Shep.

I read this as "Hamlett is awful. Red Bull is cheap. Can't blame the coach for that."

That said, when every player outside of one or two look worse than they did the previous year, that's on the coach.

#1354020 2019 NYRBII USL Thread

Posted by Brian.MLS on Yesterday, 06:49 PM


Elney has been on the right a bit since Epps left and Lema has moved to CM when Bezecourt is with the first team.

#1353951 Metro - Portland Game Thread

Posted by Brian.MLS on 17 September 2019 - 12:51 PM

is Brian White with the team? 
Any update on his injury?
I thought he was back in training last week but not sure if it was individual or team.  Hope he can be back for Philly Sunday

I believe Cangy said he was with the team and expected to see time on Wednesday.

The falloff of BWP is dramatic. I dont know if I've ever seen a player on this club drop in production so much since Eduardo Hurtado.

#1353949 Hamlett is in so far over his head

Posted by Brian.MLS on 17 September 2019 - 12:49 PM

I'd advise against calling Hamlett out at a NYRBII match simply because he brings his young kids to the matches.

#1353774 Metro - Seattle Game Thread

Posted by Brian.MLS on 15 September 2019 - 06:35 PM

Buckmaster is not MLS quality. At all.

#1353588 2019 NYRBII USL Thread

Posted by Brian.MLS on 11 September 2019 - 07:53 PM

Took my 3yr old to a few games this year. They had no problems with a few of my sons favorite snacks and drinks in a bag.

My little guy is usually is dozing out by the 65th minute for the later games so we head behind the goals near the parking garage, as its typically quiet over there. Just remember that the main stands are right on top of the field. I've had to block a few balls from him that are kicked out of play.

Flying solo this Friday since I'm heading there right from work.

Usually some players from the first team hanging around and any guys from the USL not in the 18 usually sit on the top row and are approachable for quick pictures and hellos. Hamlett, CJ Brown, and MdG are there more often than not as well. (Side note: early in the season, someone asked MdG if he was going to tarp off the bleachers near the parking garage, which was met with some laughs).

#1353586 Top 5 Academy Graduates

Posted by Brian.MLS on 11 September 2019 - 07:34 PM

The team produces pro players, they just struggle to play at the next level:
Chirgadze, both Najems, Allen, Metzger, Hot, Kassel, Basuljevic, Lema, Echeverria, Adjei, Akinyode, Bedoya, Borges, Castellanos, Manosalvas, Cardona, Castano, Corboz, Thorsheim, Thomsen, Farrell, Duka, Duncan, Hines, Gallego, Jean-Baptiste, Plewa, Powder, Matarazzo, Moreno, McCord, St. Cyr, Zajec, Vancore-Decker and dozens more. Not including guys that spent time here as just U23s with the NPSL/PDL/USL2 sides.

Lade has played over 10k minutes for this club over 150 matches. He should have been included.

#1353542 Petke was fired by RSL

Posted by Brian.MLS on 10 September 2019 - 10:34 AM

Petke had a pretty bad reputation for working with young talent too.

Really? Outside of a super young and raw Amando Moreno and his agent (who barely saw any minutes in Mexico, then played with our USL team when he came back and has done very little for Chicago), I don't know of anyone who said this.

In fact, he played Chris Duvall at right back so much as a rookie, his asst coaches advised shutting him down for the rest of the season.

#1353372 Random Player Name Thread 2019

Posted by Brian.MLS on 04 September 2019 - 09:50 PM

Red online that MLS has been talking to Fredy Guarin

He's 33 years old.
In Red Bull years, he is 81.

3 years for every one year between 21-26.
5 years for every one year between 26-30.
7 years each year after that.

#1353370 2019 NYRBII USL Thread

Posted by Brian.MLS on 04 September 2019 - 09:36 PM

Is it likely club gives up on Mines in the off season? He seems to have fallen completely off the radar.

I think Mines can be a great player if he can bulk up. He's 19 now and 141lbs. It looks like he's done that a little bulking this season and you can see it starting to show. He been injured and knocked off the ball far too easily in the past and now he's beginning to hold his own against some defenders.
Interested to see how the club handles him and if the new CBA does anything for roster spots for HGPs, which could help him. With guys like Omar Sowe, Brian Saramago, Jared Gilbey and a few others, he is replaceable. Omir Fernandez may have played Mines out of a roster spot this season.

There are downfalls (speed, agility, etc.) but he should be spending the next year entirely in the weight room taking any legal weight gainers permitted by MLS and working with pro sports strength and conditioning coaches to ensure as he bulks his ligaments and tendons stay healthy. He is too young for PEDs, despite the ludacris short suspensions vs. long-lasting results.

#1353286 Fewer than 5 games left

Posted by Brian.MLS on 03 September 2019 - 09:35 PM

Interesting fact:

The last time we did not win the final game of the regular season, we made it to the MLS Cup.

In fact, that was the only time we lost the last game of the regular season as the New York Red Bulls.

Unfortunately, we have never won the last meaningful match of our season...

#1353243 2019 NYRBII USL Thread

Posted by Brian.MLS on 03 September 2019 - 01:44 PM

Brian - How do you feel we'd stack up against Phoenix, should our paths cross at the end of the season? My knowledge of them is basically zero, other than the lead they've built atop the league and their ridiculous 17 game winning streak. 

I truly feel that it will be us vs. Phoenix in the final (provided we get by Pittsburgh as Bob Lilley has had an answer whenever he played us whether with Rochester or Pittsburgh).

If its NYRBII vs Phoenix final, it will likely be a high scoring event, with former NYRBII guys likely playing into it.

Their three man front line could each be playing in MLS. If we can control them, we could win the match.

Between Adam Jahn (14g, 4a) Solomon Asante (easily MVP with 20g, 14a) and former NYRBII winger Junior Flemmings (11g, 7a), goals flow easily from their front line.
Behind them are MAC Hermann Trophy winner in 2017, Jon Bakero (on loan from TFC) and former attacking midfielder from NYRBII, Jose Aguinaga.

Defensively, they have vets in AJ Cochran and Austin Ledbetter. Tristan Blackmon is on loan from LAFC but doesnt get much time in the 18. However, there are a few teams under us that have allowed less goals. That said, East vs. West do not play each other at all this season, so not the full story here.

Peter-Lee Vassell is a bench option with a high ceiling and former RB U23, Joey Farrell also on the bench.

#1353035 Metro - Colorado Game Thread

Posted by Brian.MLS on 31 August 2019 - 08:19 PM

Rapids without 3 starters and lose 2:0 at home to a last place team?!?
Nobody making runs off the ball.
Team screaming at each other all night.
Couldnt put a ball on target within the 6 yard box multiple times.
Fuckupmaster is not a lockdown defender and shouldn't be near the 18, nevermind starting.
Absolutely Pathetic.

Fire Armas was nice and loud on the TV in stoppage time. Same with the boos for those left at the final whistle.

1999 and 2009 were far worse, but compared to what this team should have looked like? Outside of Casseres, not a single player looks better this year than last year.

#1352936 Room for improvement on our roster

Posted by Brian.MLS on 29 August 2019 - 01:36 PM

Less than 48hrs to roster compliance and we sit with an open international spot, 2 open senior roster spots and a supplemental spot.

Marcus Epps loan gave us money and we got $50k in GAM from LAFC. Not signing at least Jared Stroud is a miss. Hell, at this point sign Stroud, Loebe (INTL) and Lema/Zajec off the USL team if you cant get Tolkin to sign an HGP deal.

Not doing anything means we sat on locked funds that will expire and if Royer goes down, good luck on the left wing.

#1352935 MLS playoff schedule released

Posted by Brian.MLS on 29 August 2019 - 01:26 PM

Its peak mls to not just do the simple thing and put each round on the sat/Sunday instead of midweek and then a strange 10 day break till the final.

Who cares about nfl / college football were not winning those fans so just stop trying people who care about mls care about it.

ESPN and Fox care.

Unless we dont want national television coverage, this is why these games are weekdays.