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Is Reyes a starter?

19 July 2022 - 11:12 AM

I feel like we need a striker and a RB to make a run. Struber does not prefer 3 big slower CBs as starters - he likes Edwards there due to his speed and agility. So he may not move to RB even when Reyes is fully healthy. That's why they gave up Monzon - Reyes is a sub on this team, who is now back. I think the biggest drop off from last year was Nealis from Duncan downgrade. Harper is not a good defender and is an attacking player, hence he will not replace Dylan. And Dylan is just not a good player.
We are also an injury to Tolkin away from having shit at LB, but at least if everything is prefect, Tolkin covers that spot well. On the right side though, Dylan is a starter even with everyone healthy, and he should be a sub. Schnider needs to step up and get us a couple of pieces now, and who knows, maybe this team can make a run. He needs to do it quickly though, because last reg season game is Oct 9. It will take time to get visa, to get acclimatized, especially if we don't get proven stars. The time is running out.

Reyes is a starter, he probably wont be starting every game this season because of the caution with his return from injury.

Dutch forward Dylan Vente

01 July 2022 - 08:40 AM

Ben Cork says reports out of the Netherlands have RBNY in discussions for Dutch 2nd division striker Dylan Vente from Roda JC.

Feyenoord academy player that had 23 goals this past season.

Very old midfielder Charles Aranguiz

23 May 2022 - 04:26 PM

It was in OaMs weekly revue column but Ill link the actual article.

Apparently rumored to be interested in 33 year old CM/DM from Bayer Leverkusen Charles Aranguiz. He is under contract until 2023, but paper talk of him asking for a contract termination, been strongly linked to Inter of Brazil where he played years ago.

Funniest parts of the article. Aranguizs agent met with Denis Hamlett last Thursday, Struber has signed off on the transfer, RBNY would pay Aranguiz $3M a year.


Tolkin's name is often misspelled

21 April 2022 - 09:04 AM

Hoping this guy has more attacking chops than Tolkin to give us a different look when playing with wingbacks, like Gutman did last year. I like Tolkin, but he provides next to nothing going forward.

Before the last 2 matches, one vs. lower level competition, he had attempted 1 cross the entire season.

5 vs. Dallas, and 8 yesterday vs. Hartford.

Some players can change a game

11 February 2022 - 02:04 PM

Luquinhas and Morgan are going to have to be difference makers. The only 2 upgrades to the lineup, while potentially downgrading in central midfield and overall roster depth.