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Yesterday, 11:42 AM

Well, i would argue that the record would have been better if armas focused on the youth more instead of trying to get something out of bwp, murillo, lade and even robles.

The record doesnt show how good white has played, the resurgence of duncan, and the solid play of casseres.

I can think of 4- 5 games where rbny lost the game because murillo didnt mark his man or made a play that led to the opposing team receiving goal. bwp did not look healthy all season. It affected his touch aND mobility. lade didnt have the speed that made him a decent mls player. As for robles, seemed like he wasnt as aggressive in comming out of his line to catch crosses. Would a more athletic Meara stopped some of those goals...maybe.

BWP hardly played, I don't know what better option we had over Lade, Robles certainly wasn't a negative factor, and Murillo counts as youth.   

In Topic: RBG strategy/philosophy for NY

Yesterday, 11:40 AM


The price of MLS teams skyrocketed over 15 years. The Charlotte guy paid what, 325M? Red Bull paid 100M, and that included the stadium?


They are making out like bandits.

I thought they paid $200M+ out of pocket just for the stadium.

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Yesterday, 11:21 AM

Red Bull spends approximately 30% of it's total budget every year on marketing, and from out of that they pay for their F1 teams, soccer, extreme sports, etc. It's literally just an opex for marketing from an accounting perspective. 


So whats the value of RBNY relative to a 15 year marketing campaign in the NYC metro area? I dunno, but prolly not too bad. 


Then on top of that, there's prolly some hope we're a long term investment if MLS ever becomes a top league or is at least bigger than it currently is. They can't buy their way into the EPL, but maybe MLS will be as big in 50 years, who knows. But for them, thats just the potential cherry on top as they are getting decent value from us as a marketing mechanism. 

They absolutely can buy their way into the EPL, they just haven't prioritized it.   They would run into naming issues, of course, but that's a separate matter.

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Yesterday, 11:07 AM

How does this make it easier for fans?

It doesn't.  Its a complete pain in the ass, especially when the wifi/internet connectivity at the gate sucks, which it always does.   I got in the habit of taking a screen shot of all my tickets for that exact reason.    SO much easier to forward a screen shot to whoever is with me than to make them get the app and deal with all that.   Was there really a problem with duplicate tickets being used?    Doubt it.

In Topic: RBG strategy/philosophy for NY

Yesterday, 10:11 AM