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Where will BWP end up?

29 January 2020 - 10:54 PM

Curious to hear predictions. Another MLS team? Follow in his brother's footsteps this time and go to USL? Back to England?

John Tolkin

10 January 2020 - 09:43 AM

Dyer reporting:

Hearing per multiple sources that John Tolkin has been offered a contract by #RBNY and is likely to sign with the first team. U17 national team player is a big Homegrown signing for club.

Can play outside back or central midfield.


Anyone have more intel on what to expect from him?

Leo Lopes?

03 January 2020 - 07:51 AM

From Rory Smith with the New York Times:

Unless you are an ardent follower of Hull City, you may not have heard of Leo Lopes, a 21-year-old Portuguese midfielder who has spent the last six years working his way through Englands lower leagues. He may, though, represent something of a changing of the guard for an entire league.

This month, Lopes could move to Major League Soccer, to play for the Red Bulls. To most, it would not represent a dial-shifting transfer: Lopes is hardly a Zlatan or a Rooney or a David Villa. But he is precisely the sort of profile of player that M.L.S., increasingly, is trying to attract: young, gifted, energetic a player seeking a stage to demonstrate the scale of his talents, rather than a place to mask how much they are waning.