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Sean Nealis Signed

Yesterday, 12:03 PM

Good to see a draft pick on the first team!


Will wear #15.

2019 Depth Chart

15 February 2019 - 09:31 AM

Taking a stab at how we will start the season. Assuming Loebe and Nealis will make the first team and the rest of the draft picks will land with RB2.

Players in [ ] are players removed from 2018.

GK: Robles (Meara, Louro)
RB: Murillo (Duncan, Lade) [Kutler]
CB: Long and Parker (Tarek, Nealis) [Escobar, Collin, Ndam, Redding, Politz]
LB: Taxi (Lade, Loebe)
DM: Davis and Rza (Beze, CCJ, Koffi) [Adams]
RW: Muyl (Valot, Ivan, Epps, Mines)
CM: Kaku (Beze, Fernandez)
LW: Royer (Etienne)
FWD: BWP (Jorgensen, White, Abang) [Rivas]

USL Signings:
GK: Nuhu [Levene]
RB: [Stauffer]
CB: Boateng, Buckmaster, Scarlett [Lombard]
LB: Yanes [de Vera]
DM: McSheery [Echevarria]
RW: [Aguinaga]
CM: Lema [Tinari]
LW: Stroud [Moreno]
FWD: Barlow

Possible USL signings that have USL experience as academy player loans with us and now graduated college: Marcello Borges, Henry Martin, Kyle Zajec, Juan Seba Sanchez, and Ethan Lochner

Former Metros Asst. Coach Fernando Clavijo Passes Away

09 February 2019 - 02:57 PM

Great man. Had a long battle with multiple myeloma. Thoughts are with his family.


2019 USOC

31 January 2019 - 04:58 PM

Format and dates:


2019 Red Bulls U23 USL2 Thread

30 January 2019 - 03:06 PM

Season starts mid-May and runs to mid-July.

14 game season with 4 home games to end the season. Games will be played in Red Bull Practice Facility.

Will post updates regularly.