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In Topic: RIP Des McAleenan

Today, 12:17 AM

brutal man.  I was lucky enough to have Des train me once, when i used to play regularly.  What a guy, will be missed. 

In Topic: Lineup for 2021

Yesterday, 05:55 PM

Yes and no. Imports do come in and bust every year, but the field of quality teams is getting larger and larger while Red Bull is chasing after defenders, goalies and high schoolers.

Would you take Red Bull's current top 3 attackers of White, Royer and Clark over any of these groups found in other eastern conference teams?

Zardes, Zelarayan, Santos
Pryzybylko, Bedoya, Montiero
Akinola, Pozuelo, Piatti
Bou, Bunbury, Gil
Martinez, Barco, Moreno
Higuain, Morgan, Pizarro
Nani, Mueller, Dike

I wouldn't. And any of those guys mentioned above would walk into the Red Bulls starting lineup. They aren't all MLS Cup winners but their respective clubs are putting themselves in a much better chance to win by having them.

the right comparison group i think is Clark, Royer, Fabio.  But still a good question nontheless.  I dont think anyone here thinks we dont need an attacker DP to supplement what we have.  But i also agree with Eric that our defense and midfield is better than a lot of people on here think. 


We need that attacker to be more than a fringe playoff team.

In Topic: Youba Diarra on loan from Salzburg?

Yesterday, 03:09 PM

The Damari and Gulbrandsen loans were poorly timed. We only played one striker, no one was de-throning BWP at that time.

These days however...

Gulbrandsen was actually good and would have been a good signing for this current version of team.  Classic right place, wrong time signing. 

In Topic: Salzburg goalkeeper Carlos Coronel

Yesterday, 10:31 AM

I wonder if this is about distribution more than anything else. Coronel is really good in that regard and I wonder if he team's metrics on Meara and Jensen were poor there.


In any case, yeah, I don't think an improvement a GK is going to turn around an otherwise mediocre team. Still desperately need an attacker who can change the game. 


Also kind of makes the exposure of both Meara and Jensen during expansion a bit more clear in terms of intentions. They just don't rate them for whatever reason. I wonder which one moves. 

We need to get better with the ball so swapping out Parker and getting Coronel should help, but only if we dont also regress off the ball due to this. We suffered a lot last year from not being able to string together 3 passes in a row for 10-15 min periods. 


the roster is a hot mess until we see some guys clear out.

In Topic: Gerhard Struber no longer a rumour

25 February 2021 - 03:18 PM

Hmmm.   So Red Bull funded Barnsley's rebuild, but we can't buy anyone?


How much did Red Bull pay for Struber?  Edit:  Wiki says "undisclosed amount."

some say $2.3 million