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#1379793 Youba Diarra on loan from Salzburg?

Posted by defendyourself on Yesterday, 03:09 PM

The Damari and Gulbrandsen loans were poorly timed. We only played one striker, no one was de-throning BWP at that time.

These days however...

Gulbrandsen was actually good and would have been a good signing for this current version of team.  Classic right place, wrong time signing. 

#1379690 Will (when) we sign new players?

Posted by defendyourself on 24 February 2021 - 05:58 PM

I am baffled how anyone does the math on what we've lost and what we needed to get and thinks we are improved in any meaningful way.

Reyes is barely a replacement for Parker, and just as likely a step down. 

Edwards is brought in to address one of our lowest priorities.

Fabio.... um, OK.    Sure, an upgrade over Barlow and White... but that's not saying much at all.

And Kaku's gone, for all intents and purposes.    Counting on Caden Clark filling those shoes?

That's it, for a team that completely shit the bed last year.  If you don't think last year was a shit the bed season, even after Armas got dumped, then you just have far lower expectations than I do.   

All i am saying is that its clear they've started process to get better, this isnt a kid waking up an hour before an assignment is due and opening Word for the first time. 


Personally i think Barlow was the worst starting attacker on any playoff team in MLS so Fabio has the potential to be a massive upgrade.  The kaku resolution is the thing i am most worried about.  He's taking up at minimum a full senior DP cap hit and potentially some cash to use for players too.  I was worried we'd have 5 signings we need to get done when camp started when now i want a DP attacker (indifferent on 10 or second forward) and then either a left back or LCM.


we have a young team so there will always be a little more randomness with our players and their improvement.

#1379677 Will (when) we sign new players?

Posted by defendyourself on 24 February 2021 - 01:06 PM

We are just a week away from the start of pre-season, and pre-season only goes for 6 weeks.     Not having the roster set before camp is a failure, especially with the added on-boarding delays for quarantine.     If we are saying this is the roster, that's an even bigger failure.  I don't know why I expected better with Thelwell here, but seems its just more of the same.

Of course you want the majority of the signings to be in before training camp.  That said its easier to get some guys to come over in the summer so i think its fair to still expect a signing or two to come in the summer.


We've signed expected first team contributors Reyes, Edwards, Fabio, with at least 2 of them expected to start.  Calling the winter window so far a failure for the roster not being set is a bit of a stretch.  Ideally though we get another signing announced before camp kicks off.  

#1379656 Kaku wants out

Posted by defendyourself on 23 February 2021 - 04:03 PM

i cant wait until we have scrimmages / games to talk about instead of contract options lol

#1379600 Shameful bid for Eric Kahl

Posted by defendyourself on 19 February 2021 - 04:08 PM

The other red bull teams do the same thing.

The big difference is that Salzburgs youth academy is amazing. And salzburg spends money 500k-3m on transfers for youth players

We are bidding that much on guys who have been journeyman with some potential.

i would only say "we were biding on journeyman".  I dont think there is anyone this winter we have bid on that we know of that i dont like.  Only concerns are if we actually need someone at there position given current roster and where the bigger splash is.  There are no Andy Ivans here.

#1379521 Stoke right back Tom Edwards

Posted by defendyourself on 17 February 2021 - 02:02 PM

Sure but I think he is better defender than pendant

i'd rather give Pendant another go on the left with a full off-season than play Duncan on the left.  If any of our RBs need to be tried on the left its Egbo. 

#1379455 Kemar, Murillo, and Miazga play at Anderlecht

Posted by defendyourself on 16 February 2021 - 11:31 AM

I feel like Struber/Thelwell are trying to put together a real roster with depth - one that's heavy on youth for development and backup for injury. Based on the RB position depth and Struber's preference for overpopulating the middle of field, I think he sees it essential to have a couple "starter-quality" players in the LB/LWB and RB/RWB roles.    

the reason they want depth is so that if a team comes in with a good offer for a player you can sell without killing the first team.  which given where MLS is in the soccer ecosystem is smart.  If we had 2021 Caden Clark last offseason we could have moved on from Kaku and got our 6mm.  But we didnt have anyone on the team that could do the job at anywhere close to the same level.

#1379411 New jersey for 2021

Posted by defendyourself on 15 February 2021 - 11:04 AM

Adidas is having a tougher year than usual with jersey design.  This Argentina kit is horrible.


#1379402 Kaku wants out

Posted by defendyourself on 14 February 2021 - 03:47 PM

also interesting on Total Soccer show from Friday, Sam Stejskal said that the Kaku to Tijuana this winter was close to being done but it fell apart due to an issue popping up with *drumroll please* Kaku's agents. 

#1379291 We need a better LB and DP game changing players

Posted by defendyourself on 12 February 2021 - 12:04 PM

Why?  We need a DP with or without Kaku.  If he leaves, that just opens up one more spot and the money to go with it.

because Kaku at minimum was bringing the club $3mm and now we may get 0.  i would think that materially impacts the transfer budget for a team that usually spends what they receive.

#1379248 We need a better LB and DP game changing players

Posted by defendyourself on 11 February 2021 - 10:30 AM

Im concerned about Reyes only insomuch that we got rid of a known quantity in Parker and Longs future is uncertain.

What Im more concerned about is that:
1. We need a better player than Pendant at LB.
2. We need real DP game changing players in both the midfield and forward positions. Especially since it seems that Kaku and Clark are not in our long term plans.

generally my view is that any significant player in our plans for the whole of the next season is "long-term" and does not need to be replaced until they leave, unless the plan is to develop a replacement the year before.  So with Kaku/Clark if you signed an experienced/young CAM, thats actually worth it, that player wont sign here to be Clark's backup. So we get that deal wrapped up when Clark goes but start scouting now obviously.  Or they think Carmona is the replacement and are developing him. 


That said we still need a DP second forward though.  If we succeeded in signing Haksabanovic i'd be pretty happy about the state of the roster compared to my offseason expectations.   


I am ok giving Pendant a chance with full preseason to see if he's more settled but if he still looks bad get a replacement in summer and transfer him out.  Dude needs to bulk up and be a bit more composed in tight spaces.  but he just was average to me last year.  Hoping for a Tolkin jump though.

#1379240 Andres Reyes In

Posted by defendyourself on 10 February 2021 - 11:46 PM

Miami played more on the back foot last year in a deeper shell if i remember correctly.  FB ref added some scouting elements to their site and it makes Reyes really look like a RB style player.  The system may work really well for him, and put him in a position to do the things he is better at.


97 percentile in pressure rate, 96 in successful pressure, 78% in tackles won.   Parker for context is 82% in pressure rate

Needs to work on discipline as we know bottom percentile.  Also completes 86% of his passes (middle of the pack), compared to Parker's 76% (bottom percentile)



#1379188 I'm risking a thread split here

Posted by defendyourself on 10 February 2021 - 12:37 PM

I'm risking a thread split here but the discussion of how transfer dollars are spent piqued my interest and I totaled up the inbound/outbound transfers since 2011.


According to Transfermrkt, we've sold players for about $14.3M and spent $13.7M on inbound transfers. Throw in the a few more mil to account for building the academy and USL team from the ground, and it looks like at minimum Red Bull is reinvesting what they make in sales.


Still some fair questions on whether you'd expect a bit more in the 'inbound' column given the money Red Bull is saving on guys like Adams and Clark, or given their deep pockets to begin with. Just thought it was interesting how close they've come to breaking even on the transfers.

i am honestly a little surprised by that, though we all know unfortunately they've been very wasteful so far with transfer fees.

#1379182 Will (when) we sign new players?

Posted by defendyourself on 10 February 2021 - 11:02 AM

RBNY have only 1 DP, and we have no idea if any of the signings this offseason are going to apply to the (4) youth spots. The only non loan players who would potentially qualify are Carmona, Reyes, and Harper.

all i was saying is its not 3 regular DPs and 3 U22 players as a clarification since you said "not clear"


not commenting on our situation.  Also hopefully Kaku proceedings dont drag out because hes just taking up a DP slot now unless they are able to loan him to USL lol

#1379180 Bento Estrela

Posted by defendyourself on 10 February 2021 - 10:52 AM

how many times do I have to tell people on this board as long as the GAM is maxed at 1 mil the rest of the fee is pointless. 10 mil to Bayern or 3 mil to Leipzig make zero difference because still only 1 mil is going to the roster. The rest mostly goes to other expenses that Red Bull is more than capable of covering with out transfer income.

On top of this the non GAM money can only be spent on transfer fees or club infrastructure / youth development.  And frankly the only thing Red Bull has proven they will spend whatever it takes on is infrastructure and youth development.  So the fee only hurt Garber and i dont care about him


No RB club anywhere spends on high transfer fees.  Same guys sold Timo for ~60mm and purchased Sorloth for ~22 and Hwang for 11.  In MLS I'm not sure that is the best strategy, but they definitely want to try it, and are leaning into it now. 


I think U22 rule will allow them to add pieces more similar to the RBL approach of doing things so in a year or two we will know if they were right.