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#1348708 Metro - Atlanta Game Thread

Posted by defendyourself on 07 July 2019 - 11:03 PM

Actually played pretty well.  Atlanta just really isn't good defensively.  Open space everywhere now.


Duncan was awful... Positioning just brutal.   We have a huge issue at outside back.  Lade, Murillo and Duncan all need to be replaced.  Taxi is the only serviceable one.  The other 3 end up being directly at fault for so many goals this season.



Also hate that their 2nd goal happened because Tarek somehow gives a corner on a ball that should have NEVER been a corner.  Just a bad play that started a series of bad events. 


I've learned to like Rza in the front 4.  His flying around and causing defensive issues is more useful there.  He's not going to put up assist numbers or goals, but he causes good things up there.  With our perfect lineup, I'd actually rather him in Muyl's spot.

No idea why Royer came out that game.  Dude's our best player. 


I hate Atlanta... Easily my most hated team right now.  

if we don't making any major summer signings at full strength may need to go to 3-3-3-1 to get our best players on the field and in positions where they are most dangerous.  We need to keep Royer as close to the goal as possible and I agree the Rza as an advance destroyer seems to where he plays the best this season.  And off the bench I think Omir and Etienne slot into this formation better as well for subs. I was at banter bar and for some reason a ton of Atlanta fans were there. Christ they are so annoying. 




Kemar-Davis-Amir/Duncan/someone new


#1348530 The Fire Chris Armas Thread

Posted by defendyourself on 04 July 2019 - 09:35 AM

I don’t think this feels like anything in the last 5 years. We rarely dictate play at all and under Marsch we almost always did. And Marsch had a roster that was constantly turning over. He was just able to develop guys and constantly back fill. Now it feels like none of the guys we have improve.

i miss those jesse losses where we would dominant play but just fall short compared to this season.  Clunkers away happen sometimes but even at home we get rocked more this season for my liking.  We had a good stretch in May where it looked like we were figuring it out again but we are regressing again.  

#1347196 News from the Mothership

Posted by defendyourself on 05 June 2019 - 09:14 AM

This is the part of the argument that I think is total BS.  To get those type of players consistently you need to be spending money consistently on transfer fees.  We have spent serious money once in the past 5 years, and it was $6.25m for Kaku.  Once.  The majority of the guys we're bringing in are either via loan or free transfer.   So, unless the budget is magically tripling and unless our academy stops bleeding coaches/personnel, I don't see how anyone can think Ragnick is going to somehow be this savant at player recruitment.
Ragnick's whole allure is a tactical one, and he's only going to be looking at our academy part time.  He's also responsible for Brazil.  Hey, great that maybe they're trying to stop the bleeding on the academy front, it's been a turnstyle down at that level with coaching exits and player recruitment struggles.  Maybe Ragnick can fix that.  But the idea that he's going to be going out and finding all these stud kids and that they're going to come to Metro is ignoring the very clear problem that you need to spend money to get them here in the first place.  And that's a budget problem.
Otherwise, we're gonna keep randomly signing these kids and hoping 1/10 pan out.  And the arena stays empty.

at least on my end the hope is that with him overseeing operation RB would be filling to increase the budget.  They only let Jesse get Kaku after proving his chops for a couple years with results and good signings.  After Andy Ivan signing and Jorgenson I don't think RB global is doing cartwheels over giving us a budget to spend a lot of money/salary without Ralf involved. Even some of the elite younger guys (i.e. Casseres) are not as far along as I thought they would be when we first signed them

#1346818 "Leagues" Cup

Posted by defendyourself on 29 May 2019 - 09:51 PM

Anyone see this garbage?




SuperLiga 2.0


If we ever qualify for this, I hope they send the U-23 team. Not even RBNY II.


We got two real preseason international cups already, thank you very much!

lamanga5.gif  emirates2.jpg

its hilarious that the Dynamo are double dipping in this competition after being in champions league this season.  Obvious money grab that no one wants.  Only issue is that i wish boy city was invited but they can't deal with the scheduling of extra home games with no stadium

#1346709 Metro - Cincinnati Game Thread

Posted by defendyourself on 26 May 2019 - 02:16 AM

Luis can be questionable on crosses/corners and isn't good with his ball distribution. But oh god, is he great on reaction saves and 1v1 situations. Easily MotM today.

the claiming of crosses thing really bothers me, but he's been good as of late

#1344832 Thierry Henry linked to RB coaching role

Posted by defendyourself on 21 April 2019 - 09:02 PM

Getting a new coach wont fix everything even if hes Sir Alex II.

We need another attacking piece. Not a 2 million 18 year old who runs into his own teammates at RB2. An actual difference maker. It really shouldnt be that hard to pickup because there is some flexibility in our attack. Kaku can play wide or inside. So player x could be a striker, CAM, or winger. There is a whole world of possibilities out there.

We also need an outside back. In the offseason I was thinking more of another Duncan type project, but more and more Im thinking we need a difference maker here too. Taxi is all kinds of mucked up. I dont know what it is but something is seriously wrong there. Murillo has been an absolute traffic cone this season. Duncan is still too raw and Lades career Im sad to say is over. We went from stacked at this position to we dont have anyone we can count on (Id actually start paying Muyl in Murillos spot right now today).

And Ill go ahead and say it because I dont think anyone else really wants to, but if things keep going the way they are BWP and Robles may need to...not be starting for this team. So thats a whole other issue that may have to be dealt with.

as crappy as it sounds, if RB Global trust Henry more than Armas and that gives us a bigger transfer budget then I want Henry.  I have no clue if he is better than Armas, but he probably would be more likely to get RB global to give him a budget to get newplayers 

#1344738 Metro - Revs Game Thread

Posted by defendyourself on 20 April 2019 - 08:38 PM

Other thing that concerns me is that it appears Armas doesn't even know his team or what he is looking for from the players.  All the subs seem random, like we have no pecking order among attackers based on training/performance.  Earlier in season when Ivan scored and looked good he gets benched forever.  Then Omir looks good after CCL, benched for 3 weeks.  Now White scores off bench in last game and he doesn't come in.  Does this guy not understand the concept of "form"?  


If we drop points to Cincy and L.A. I dont think even Denis can pretend this is working.  

#1344499 Metro - Revs Game Thread

Posted by defendyourself on 17 April 2019 - 12:41 AM

I'd like to try Royer at number 10, personally. 

if i had to pick one of our wingers to play as a 10/false I am going with Etienne.  I like that he would be able to break defenders down in the middle and has pace to make runs in behind after checking in for the ball deep.

#1344455 Metro - KC Game Thread

Posted by defendyourself on 16 April 2019 - 07:40 AM

I don't care about Taxi's assist stats... I see how often and how quickly the ball moves up the field because of him, and how aggressively he can press in the opposing third because he has such extraordinary recovery speed.   No matter what Armas has said or will say, I refuse to believe we abandoned that style against ATL for any reason other than having Lade on the field, against an exceptionally strong opponent, in a huge game.

our fullback are more involved in our attack than most teams in the league.  But I think that is partly a result of our attack being toothless if they don't join in.  Murillo is better at dribbling and getting forward into dangerous areas than half of the RWs we play.

#1344032 Metro - KC Game Thread

Posted by defendyourself on 07 April 2019 - 09:32 PM

with only maybe someone for Murrillo as guy needs more defensive hustle

after what he did Saturday he should watch the next game from the bench.  He's already committed 2-3 errors that have led directly to goals this season off the top of my head.  That doesn't even count his CCL yellow card brain fart as an additional unnecessary error.

#1344002 Is 2019 season a hangover for winning Supporters' Shield?

Posted by defendyourself on 07 April 2019 - 07:55 AM

if you sort this by pass accuracy you will want to peel your eyes link


we are 5 percentage points worse than the next worst team in the league in passing.  We are really sloppy with the ball this season

#1343830 Metro - Minnesota Game Thread

Posted by defendyourself on 04 April 2019 - 08:14 AM

This idea that people have figured out the system is a joke in my opinion.  Everyone knew what we were doing for years.  

I think we just stink right now.  There are bigger problems and I'm a believer that we are being too deliberate when we get the ball.  We don't have the talent to play a half-court game, It's gotta be on the break or we are dead.

agreed.  i think relative to league each year we've become a less technical team and it's really hurting us.  Our midfield went from Dax/Felipe/Sacha/Lloyd Sam/Grella (all guys that were good on the ball) to Davis/Rza/Kaku/Royer/Muyl.  I am not saying the current midfield group isn't close from a talent stand point compared to the 2015 midfield, but they definitely are less equipped to play with the ball.  As a team our midfield used to carry us, but now we 100% rely on our defense/pressing.  Valot injury sucks because i was really hoping he would end up playing CM and give us a guy in the middle who can settle the ball and be smart in possession.  

#1343684 Metro - Fire Game Thread

Posted by defendyourself on 31 March 2019 - 08:43 AM

Do we though? CCJ and Bezecourt are the backups, neither of those guys are proven MLS level players.

Their whole argument in offseason was that we got Casseres early so when Tyler leaves we have a guy who is ready to play if needed in a similar role.  Time to prove it.


If they didnt think he was ready they should have signed someone.  in spot starts/appearances they've played as an 6 or 8 they've been fine imo.

#1342699 2019 CONCACAF Champions League Thread

Posted by defendyourself on 13 March 2019 - 08:04 AM

Honestly I am happy they went for it instead of playing a conservative lineup.   We have work to do and by no means am I happy but I would rather lose swinging (playing a lineup to score goals) like this than the b.s. we pulled last year.  


Agree with most of the comments here about subs, especially the Valot sub.  In a way I don't think Armas even expected them to pull even so quickly based on the bench.  Would have been nice to have Casseres as option since he has more range than any of our midfielders, to then allow Armas to be more aggressive with attacking subs.  

Lastly not to make a big deal about a tap-in but Omir's run to get near post on his goal is something we have missed from the right mid spot for a while.  Just knowing what position you need to be in to score/finish a play.  Frankly he even got into the spot BWP needed to get to but for some reason was not there.  More importantly on second goal if Valot played that ball to Royer instead of BWP first (pause video at 22/23 secs) he got himself in position to score another tap-in. As he gets more comfortable should provide some goal scoring relief from out wide.

#1342422 Other MLS 2019

Posted by defendyourself on 10 March 2019 - 11:28 PM

I don't know why I enjoyed this as much as I did Atlanta United Fan TV