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#1312562 Chicago won the Dax trade, alright

Posted by tariq13 on 26 October 2017 - 12:53 PM

Wow. So many people all year shat on that trade and complained how we're "missing something" in the midfield without Dax. We win one playoff game against him and suddenly it was a masterful trade? lol


Look, it was a trade that was bad for the short term but good for the long term. He was traded to make room for Davis and Adams to start. Both of them have become good players, though it did take them some time during the season to get there. Hence why we went from 1st in the east to 6th. I think the reason why we've been an inconsistent team is that we have two young players who moved into starting positions and with youth comes inconsistency. Not a knock on Davis or Adams at all. I think they're great and deserve their spots, but you have to give them time.


Also doesn't mean Dax is any worse because his team lost to us. The nonsense of this is that, say Chicago had beaten us yesterday, would you say we lost the trade then? The trade comes down to one playoff game? That's ridiculous.


Ultimately, the trade wasn't something I wanted but something I know is for the best. But don't start shitting on a guy who loved our club and gave everything he had for us. Dax is a fucking Metro legend! I was not a fan of Dax before he came here and I talked a lot of shit about the trade to get him when we lost DeRo. I was proven wrong and I won't start badmouthing him again. He's a good player who was sacrificed for the greater good of the team. Let's show respect to our former captain.

#1289947 Who runs social media for Red Bull?

Posted by tariq13 on 02 November 2016 - 02:22 PM


Quick story - I was at six flags this past Friday. I had a RBNY hoodie and hat on. The guy working there makes a comment to me and tells me he is a NYCFC fan, and also supporters Seattle and Portland, but is manly a Man City fan and actually hates MLS (this guy has some sort of serious personal conflict going on with himself obviously). So you have a guy supporting 3 teams, with NYCFC being his main MLS team, but saying MLS sucks and he hates it. What in the world can you do to help someone like that?


This is the thing that pisses me off so much about NYCFC fans. I've been a fan of the club and the league since it started in '96. For most of it's existence I feel like I was always in an argument with people about why MLS doesn't suck. I feel like all these City fans are the same people who 5 or 10 years ago were telling me MLS is horrible and unwatchable and now are telling me they're die hard City fans. That guy at Six Flags to me is the epitome of every City fan.

#1289925 Who runs social media for Red Bull?

Posted by tariq13 on 02 November 2016 - 10:34 AM

The problem I see is that it seems like Red Bull is giving up on gaining fans in the city. I think it's a good thing that they advertise in Jersey. Jersey fans should be Red Bull fans, but I don't think the existence of City means they give up on promoting in NYC itself. It kind of feels like the front office thinks anyone in the city will default to City and they need to tap the Jersey market. I think we can do both.

#1280963 MetroStars / Red Bulls Starting Lineup Quiz

Posted by tariq13 on 03 June 2016 - 03:07 PM

Not sure if anyone has seen this before, but I found a quiz online that asks you to name the starting lineup for the team from 1996 - 2014 in 20 minutes. I thought it would be a piece of cake but it was pretty difficult. There's been quite a few people I've tried to forget, I guess.



#1276866 We Have a New Fan

Posted by tariq13 on 14 March 2016 - 04:38 PM

I was coming back from work in PA today, heading north on the NJ Turnpike and stopped at a rest area to get a coffee. I ran into Jason Kreis. I was the only person to recognize him. I told him I thought he was a great coach and he says "My previous employer didn't think so." I laughed and said "Yeah, to be honest I'm a Red Bulls fan and still thought you were a great coach." He didn't skip a beat and said "I'm a Red Bulls fan now too." Great moment. Just thought I'd share with fellow fans about our new fan Jason Kreis.

#1268280 Feeling the Good Vibes?

Posted by tariq13 on 21 September 2015 - 01:45 PM

The problem with this Ali Curtis question is that he's always grouped with Marsch. I loved Petke and was pissed when he was let go. I still am. I was never really upset with Marsch. I always felt like he was someone who was offered a job and took it. Marsch has done very well and my questions about him are answered. I'm on board with him.


Curtis is a different situation. It's not like Curtis brought in an entirely new squad. Most of our starting lineup is leftover from last year. The only new additions are Lawrence, Felipe (who was someone Marsch specifically brought in, so not really a Curtis signing), and Grella. Now I'm not saying who cares about those players. Those were good signings. I think the underlying problem everyone has with Curtis is the way he came into the club.


We're a club that has seen more changes than any other team. Our club's biggest problem is that we're always rebuilding. No coach has ever lasted more than three seasons. That's a stat that lets you know there's never any stability here. So when Curtis came in he had a successful coach in Petke and the first thing he did was fire him. To me that says he's not here to add stability to the team.


Yes we're doing very well now and I agree, this has been one of the most exciting seasons in team history. But really I credit all this to Marsch and his work as a coach. If Curtis will fire Petke after two successful years, who's to say he won't fire Marsch as well? The only way to be on board with Curtis is to see how things pan out over a couple seasons. There's no way to be on board with him after one season. The GM position is about long term stability and long term success. Neither of which he has accomplished yet and neither of which he can accomplish by the end of this season. Marsch has proven himself, Curtis has a long way to go.

#1264623 Metro - Montreal Game Thread

Posted by tariq13 on 04 August 2015 - 04:41 PM

I'll be there! I'm in Montreal for vacation right now. I was originally supposed to leave tomorrow morning but when I found out RB was playing, I extended the trip one more day. I'll be in front row in my jersey. Let's see how "nice" Canadians really are!

#1254124 Song to sing against NYCFC

Posted by tariq13 on 06 May 2015 - 12:11 PM

Oh my God, this is addicting. Last one!


Sung to the tune of Green Day's American Idiot:


Don't want to be a Third Rail idiot

Supporters group controlled by the front office

Oh my God, expansion hysteria!

Losing games to all in America


Welcome to a new kind of tension

Playing games instead of speculation

It wasn't meant to go this way

You called the Cup in early May

But turned out shit to Garber's dismay

Welcome to the league New York City!

#1254119 Song to sing against NYCFC

Posted by tariq13 on 06 May 2015 - 11:28 AM

I also came up with this one based on Last Kiss. It's an oldie, but Pearl Jam covered it a few years back, so people might know it. It needs some work though...


Where, oh where could Frankie be?

The Shiek took him away from you

He's gone to England so you've got to be good

So you can see your DP on a baseball field


I think that last line needs work. In the actual song it's "So I can see my baby when I leave this world." "England" could also be "Manchester."



Here's another version of that one:


Where, oh where could your Frankie be?

Manchester took him away for free

He's still in England so you've got to be good

So that jersey that you bought doesn't look...awkward


Where, oh where could your Frankie be?

He doesn't like you, it seems to me

He said the summer window so you've got to be good

Or he will stay with Manchester for good

#1251548 Derby Day FC Podcast

Posted by tariq13 on 10 April 2015 - 09:48 AM

Thanks.  :cheers:

#1251524 Derby Day FC Podcast

Posted by tariq13 on 09 April 2015 - 06:01 PM

Hi everyone,


Today me and a friend launched a new podcast called Derby Day FC. It covers all of New York's soccer teams. Check it out! I've been a fan of the Metrostars / Red Bulls since the beginning back in '96 and have always wanted to report on them. We just posted our first episode. You can find it at www.derbydayfc.com.


We're still awaiting our post to the iTunes Store, but you can subscribe via iTunes by opening the iTunes program, then going to File, Subscribe to Podcast, and entering this URL:




Hope you like it!

#1241393 GET. OVER. IT.

Posted by tariq13 on 23 January 2015 - 10:24 AM

There's a couple things that need to be clarified here. I disagree with pretty much everything you said except one thing, and I'll start with that. I'm not giving up on this team either. This is OUR team. It doesn't belong to an energy drink company no matter what the name of the team is. So I understand how you feel when you say you're still going to go to games this next year.


What you need to understand is the #RedBullOut movement isn't about "giving up" on the team, it's a boycott. You don't boycott something you don't care about. Over the years the fans have been trying to send a message to our occupiers and they have not listened. It seems the only thing they understand is money, so that's the only option we have left, stop giving them our money.


When you ask why now, why the Petke firing, the answer isn't simply that, it's a combination of many things. But the Petke firing is very symbolic of a problem that started the day Red Bull walked in the door. The day they got here they said they were excited about building a history with a team that doesn't have any history. They've never acknowledged that there was a team and a fan base here a long time before they showed up. So now they fire the one guy who is a big fan favorite, played for the club under both team names, and did a very good job when it's all said and done. In his first season as coach he wins the Supporter's Shield. In his second season he's one goal away from MLS Cup. You have to ask yourself, what more did he have to do to keep his job? Win MLS Cup? Are we saying if a coach doesn't win the cup he's out? No wonder we've had the most coaches in league history.


But here's the bigger point. Yes, they built us a stadium, but normally when a corporation comes in and funds the building of a new stadium, you name the stadium after them for a certain period of time. Hell, you might even give them the front of jersey logo for a period of time. It's unheard of that you hand over the entire team and rebrand everything in order to build a stadium. As fans, we were promised that if we give up our logo, our colors, our team name, and support this embarrassing branding of an energy drink we will get an owner who is willing to spend more money on the team. We can get bigger signings, we can afford more stability, and "all" we have to give up is the team we grew up loving.


So we went along with that, but what have we got? We still have a revolving door of coaches and players. It's CRAZY that no coach in our history has lasted more than three seasons. They fire Bruce Arena after a season and a half and now what is he doing? We're promised bigger signings and what did we get? The only big name player they've ever really signed is Henry. So many signings have passed us by because "we can't afford it".


We can't start a USL Pro team because "we can't afford it". (yes, they're finally doing it, but only after us fans yell about it)


No one has a love for the Red Bull energy drink. The only reason they're here is because they have money. So when we start hearing them saying they can't afford things, it makes me start to question why they're here to begin with.


They're not spending money.

They haven't brought stability.

They haven't helped build a community of fans. (we have)

They haven't brought in a core group of players.


What exactly are they doing for us? I agree with you, you can't blame them for player mistakes like the PK encroachment and BWP's yellow card, and all that stuff. No one here is blaming them for player mistakes. We're blaming them for FO mistakes and lack of respect and care.


I'm with you in that I'm still supporting my team. Red Bull can't take my team away from me. But I don't have to support them.



#1227042 Interesting quotes from Cahill

Posted by tariq13 on 15 October 2014 - 01:50 PM

Strawman argument. Nobody is complaining about Cahill playing in the World Cup. But the games he will be playing are friendlies against the soccer equivalent of jobbers, while we are playing the biggest game of our season that we HAVE to win. If he misses those friendlies do you seriously think it will affect his status for Australia? I know the red card made it all moot, but in this case the whole Country> Club debate is nonsense.

When it comes to international football, the game is important whether it's a friendly or not. Now if someone wants to make the argument that MLS needs to take a break during international windows, I'm all for that. We shouldn't have to play games when players are called up to their national teams. But you can't expect a player to reject a call-up. The player shouldn't be in that position. I don't blame Cahill for playing with Australia. I blame MLS.

#1226399 Interesting quotes from Cahill

Posted by tariq13 on 07 October 2014 - 02:59 PM

No matter what you think of Cahill, you can't expect players to skip games with their national team to play for us. No serious team should expect that. If we want world class talent to come to the US, we can't ask them to give up on their national team career. It's hard enough getting players to give up on their UEFA Champions League ambitions to come to the US and play. There's no reason to expect a player to give up on their country to play club.


Yes Cahill has missed a lot of games this year because of national team call ups, but that was because he was playing in the WORLD CUP! Did we expect him to skip the World Cup because we needed him against Chivas USA and the New York Cosmos?


We keep this up, players around the world will start thinking you need to give up your national team career to play in the US. That will be very bad for us.

#1224935 Playing only for the MLS Cup

Posted by tariq13 on 26 September 2014 - 10:55 PM

Since when is a competition not important? When you get knocked out of a tournament first round and say "well, nobody really cares about this competition" it sounds more like the kid who just lost a game and makes fun of people for playing it.


This is professional soccer. Since when can a team only handle one tournament? You might not care about USOC, but that's probably just because you don't know shit about US soccer and didn't even know it was thing until recently. The rest of us who have been following our team and country for decades knows what it is, it's importance, and wants to win it.


I'm tired of players getting millions of dollars but can't play cup games. If you can't play on turf or a cup game, hand us back our money and go home.


Yes, it's true if Sene scored that PK this thread wouldn't exist, but when has that been a legitimate argument in sports. If Cooper scored his redo PK two years ago, there wouldn't been no need to be upset at the end of that season. There are so many things that if they didn't happen we wouldn't have anything to complain about. BUT THEY DID FUCKING HAPPEN!!!


It's not the fact that we're knocked out of the competition that's got everyone so upset. It's the manner in which it was done. DC sucked completely last year, but no one went and fired Olsen because (at least to their fans) they showed an effort and just couldn't get it done. What's not acceptable is losing because you didn't care.


Don't ask us to pay money to go to games if the competition is not important. Red Bull has no problem asking me for money to go see Champions League games. It's important enough to ask me to open my wallet. If it's that important, it's important enough to field a decent fucking team.


Since when is it "risking" a player by asking him to take the field. If our players are so fragile that playing the game of soccer is "risking" them, we need to cut everyone and find an entirely new group of players. You're paid to play soccer. That's not being "risked", that's called doing your fucking job.


Yes, you can't field a first team lineup every single game of the year, but when your starting lineup contains all reserve players, it means you don't give a shit about the game. It sucks that Sam got injured, but oh well. He was doing what he's paid to do.


"I'm sorry, I can't come to work today because it'll risk my chances of coming to work tomorrow." That doesn't fly for anyone. Shouldn't fly for our team. Difference is, I don't charge people $40 to come watch me "risk" myself.


It's embarrassing.