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Yesterday, 01:47 PM

Bwp may eventually be our starter again but as others have mentioned, he looked gassed even coming on late in the 2nd half vs Orlando. It would be silly so start him this weekend if he's still nowhere near game fit. Instead I'd ride the hot hand and start white, with Bwp in the 2nd half (AS A FORWARD NOT A MIDFIELDER) as necessary.

I've already conceded that we will not again have a BWP like the BWP we've known, to go along with not having anything resembling Tyler Adams, and not even an equivalent replacement for a seemingly replaceable Valot.    We are going into the playoffs with about what we've got right now, and can only hope for a shit ton of luck to make it remotely interesting.

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Yesterday, 07:19 AM

Putting in a second striker, up a goal is a head-scratcher. I have defended Armas constantly, as Hamlett has done bare minimum/absolutely nothing for him, but that last sub is just poor game management, as much as I wanted to see BWP play.
Davis and Rza were looking terrible in central midfield, Kaku was playing well defensively and you just added fresh attacking legs in Omir Fernandez. How did adding BWP and pulling Kaku make sense? Sit on the sub until stoppage time or it was needed.

Anytime I see Armas talking to Brad Carnell and CJ Brown, bad things are coming. I wonder whose idea it is to switch formations when things are working. Ultimately it's on Armas.


When I saw pre-game that we had both Barlow and BWP on the bench, I knew he was looking to put on a two-striker formation.   Seems he was determined to try it no matter what was happening with the game.   

In Topic: Metro - Orlando Game Thread

21 July 2019 - 09:08 PM

How many times do I have to ask, why haven't they TRIED to replace Tyler Adams?

They thought Rza was that guy

In Topic: Metro - Orlando Game Thread

21 July 2019 - 07:24 PM

He was, by many miles. Not sure he still is.

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21 July 2019 - 07:21 PM

Where's Sacha?