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NYRB 2016 Roster Usage By The Numbers

18 November 2016 - 11:27 AM

Over the last three coaching regimes, one of the most common critiques is that we don't make use of our full roster - we don't sub enough, don't rotate enough, don't play the kids enough... Backe, Petke, and Marsch are all wildly different coaches, but have all been hit with this criticism to some extent by a decent portion of the fan base. Now again in the 2016 season post-mortem, the conversation (here at least) has largely focused on whether Marsch could have done a better job of rotating players into the lineup throughout the season.


I was curious how we stacked up against the rest of MLS, so I ranked all teams based on some pretty basic metrics around minutes played. What's below only factors in the 2016 MLS season (no other comps), and excludes goalkeepers. Not sure how much there is to draw from these numbers, the injury crisis in the backline surely played a part in some of them, but thought it'd be worth some off-season conversation.


Total Players Used


NYRB: 3rd (26)

Most: VAN (28)

Least: NE (21)


Minutes Played by Back End Roster


This is the percentage of total available minutes played by guys outside the top 10 for each team. I thought this would be a decent way to measure how often guys outside of the typical starting lineup get rotated in.


NYRB: 12th (28%)

Most: ORL (35%)

Least: NE (22%)


Young Players (23 or younger)


By Total Players:



Most: ORL (10)

Least: POR/HOU (3)


By Minutes Played:


NYRB: 17 (3,101 min)

Most: CHI (10,614 min)

Least: HOU (1,225 min)


Thought this one was interesting, we're clearly doing a good job of letting our young guys dip their toes in the water, but not many have won regular spots compared to other teams.


Homegrown Players


By Total Players:


NYRB: 1 (6)

2nd Most: DAL/TOR/LA/VAN (4)



By Minutes Played:


NYRB: 2 (4,143 min)

Most: NE (4,896 min)

Least: Same schmucks as above who didn't play any


No surprises here, we're clearly one of the academy leaders in the league and its one of the few areas of Curtis's 300 page plan that he's spoken about specifically.