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#1418572 Let's Go Mets!

Posted by Rybka on 28 September 2022 - 09:27 PM

61 years after Maris hits 61 home runs in '61, Judge hits 61 home runs.

#1416889 I see a US World Chess Champion on the Horizon

Posted by Rybka on 26 August 2022 - 08:09 PM

The Fischer-Spassky Chess World Championship match occurred 50 years ago this month. The last game started on Aug 31, 1972, then was adjourned to the next day at which time Spassky conceded without resuming play. It was more that a chess match, it was perceived as the personification of the Cold War and accordingly received an enormous amount of publicity throughout the World.


That publicity was driven by the eccentric Bobby Fischer from Brooklyn. As a child, he taught himself chess at the age of 6. He quickly dominated US chess and became the US champion at the age of 14. But could he overthrow the Soviet Chess system which dominated the Chess World Championship?


The match lasted about one month and Fischer came from behind to achieve a convincing victory. Chess has never since reached that much public interest. Although the game is actively played throughout the world, it lies in the shadows waiting for the next "Bobby Fischer".


Google for more information.

#1410305 Random Player Name Thread 2022

Posted by Rybka on 21 June 2022 - 08:02 AM

If Sargent is moving to MLS it would be a natural PR move for him to go to his hometown St Louis which is getting an expansion team next season.

#1404582 USA World Cup Qualifiers Thread

Posted by Rybka on 25 March 2022 - 05:48 PM

Right now we really do not have a center forward and fans are rightfully moaning and groaning about it.


Back in 2009, near the end of the hex, we clinched our ticket with one game to spare by beating Honduras in Honduras 3-2. We had a very good reserve center forward who came off the bench in a clutch situation and scored two goals in that game. He did what we need to be done now.




So what was his reward for sending the team to South Africa? That center forward was NOT chosen by Bob Bradley to be on the plane to South Africa.

#1404076 Pipeline debates

Posted by Rybka on 17 March 2022 - 08:20 AM

A sign of the future, at least in sunny, warm states.



#1401346 Metro - SJ Game Thread

Posted by Rybka on 20 February 2022 - 02:31 PM

NSF = new season fever

#1399888 USA World Cup Qualifiers Thread

Posted by Rybka on 01 February 2022 - 09:48 AM

Where have you gone, Joe Gaetjens?
Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you
Woo, woo, woo
What's that you say, Mrs. Robinson?



#1399467 USA World Cup Qualifiers Thread

Posted by Rybka on 27 January 2022 - 10:32 AM

As a general "rule of thumb" : Bad weather helps the weaker team (in any sport) because the better team is not able to be efficient and impose its superiority to the fullest.

#1399450 USA World Cup Qualifiers Thread

Posted by Rybka on 26 January 2022 - 10:49 PM

Tomorrow is a big day in WCQ.


What is very interesting about tomorrow in particular is that the 4 teams in the top half of the octa do not play each other. Instead each plays a team in the bottom half. So a draw while the other 3 top teams win is really a bad result.

#1398185 2022 MLS SuperDuperDraft

Posted by Rybka on 11 January 2022 - 05:49 PM

Having a Navy commander will no doubt help us win the Hudson River Derby.

#1396570 The owners are scum

Posted by Rybka on 18 December 2021 - 11:56 AM

If you look at MLS teams & their salaries, just spending money doesn't mean you'll win (FC Cincy, Miami), but spending towards the bottom makes it very difficult to win. Not impossible, but difficult. Oddly this year, the bottom 4 teams in salary made the playoffs, but as a general rule spending smartly- without guaranteeing anything- certainly helps.


I look at marketing the same way. Yes, we're in a crowded market. Yes we're in a region where people aren't going to just "Root for local sports team" like they would in a place like KC or Portland because they have no other options in those cities. But, spending very little on marketing makes it very difficult to generate any buzz around this team, even when they are winning. 2018 was a record setting year on the field. Did anyone feel like the metropolitan area was ever 'talking' about RBNY? Barely. Seemed like there was a lot more buzz during the TH14/Cahill years. I think most of us would take prime-of-their-career guys who are less famous but better players at the moment vs. an aging European star trying not to go "Full Steven Gerrard in MLS" while cashing that last paycheck. So, I wholly agree that marketing in this area is an uphill battle, but I also agree that marketing gets very little attention from the checkbook. We can point to a number of places where RBNY is spending money (academy teams, training center), but marketing isn't one of them and the impact of that is evident every home game. 


What would it take to truly generate buzz? Well, you'd have to spend more on marketing, but also you'd need to sign bigger named guys. Would it have been worth it to throw $9m at James Rodriguez aged 30 & coming off of an poor stint at Everton for marketing/attendance reasons when the guys you truly need are the Lucas Zelarayan aged 27 types for $8m like the crew did in 2020 & won a cup with the guy? In that case, no, I'd love the buzz of a James Rodriguez, but I'd be ok with less buzz if it's a guy who is going to win us a cup.  


So, while I'd like to see some money spent on marketing, if they are going to say "the marketing budget is on the field", that would be ok with me at the end of the day. Galaxy spent $20m & didn't make the playoffs, Seattle spent $13m or so in salaries, NE just $11m & change, while we spent just about $10m and were second from bottom. To RBHQ's soccer empire, the difference to get us to the middle of the top tier- say another $5m to get us to $15m in the range of top 5 to 10 spending teams- isn't a lot of money. Spending $15m for $15m's sake is dumb, but if you look at the last two cup winners (NYCFC, $15m, Columbus $15m), that's where they are, that's around where Seattle usually is ($13-14m). Hopefully they can see that the development-focused model we have can still work to win a title here, if we have those handful of special players to put us over the top. Luis Robles said the same, we just need a few special guys. Fingers crossed that they find them. I don't think the owners are scum.  I just think they prioritize development over other things, and marketing is one of them. Last offseason saw us spending money on a coach & some new players. We need to repeat that investment in players on the field; we'll see what this offseason brings. 

Stop confusing us with logic and facts. This is a soccer board. And using a grammatically correct semi-colon in a post is very unsoccerly. :angry:

#1395825 Marsch out at RBL

Posted by Rybka on 09 December 2021 - 03:38 PM

When he bailed on us mid-season he possibly cost us an MLS Cup.

#1395084 USA World Cup Qualifiers Thread

Posted by Rybka on 26 November 2021 - 04:13 PM

Probably, but all it takes is one slip-up, since their qualifying tournament is probably going to be a straight knockout.

New Zealand didn't even make the 2012 OFC Nations Cup final because they lost to New Caledonia in the semis.

If you go back 2 more years to 2010, New Zealand was the only nation in World Cup History to go undefeated and be eliminated in the first round. 3 draws, 2GF, 2GA. Included was a 1-1 draw with Italy.

#1394553 Edwards going back to/from Stoke

Posted by Rybka on 18 November 2021 - 05:57 PM

Why can't he play for both teams? Commuting is not a problem. Plenty of people have two jobs, some even have more. [/troll]

#1394527 Let's Go Mets!

Posted by Rybka on 18 November 2021 - 10:05 AM

The Mets have to learn to conserve their pitchers from overwork. Throwing at 95+ is too much strain on the arm, elbow, wrist, etc.