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In Topic: If new U22 rule happens

Today, 05:16 PM

I find this super confusing. ... Is that even legal? 

I do not understand how athletes can be traded!
Who came up with this idea?
Imagine if your boss called you in one day and
told you that you were traded to a competitor!

In Topic: 2020 NYRBII USL Thread

Today, 05:02 PM

called him a "batty boy" ... a slur in Jamaican culture.

I think most of us could have guessed ...

disappointed ... Rick Schantz ... told LD "that's soccer"

Not the most politically correct response. Update:

In Topic: 2020 NYRBII USL Thread

Today, 03:02 PM

Former RB2 player Junior Flemmings triggered a forfeit after using a homophobic slur towards ... out gay man.

The linked headline says alleged. Junior denies it.
The video snippet was interesting.
The ref says something was said in another language?

In Topic: Are we a "massive club"?

Yesterday, 06:17 PM

That might be changing.. 2M+ for a coach. Cant spend that and not get big players.

Could turn into a boil.

In Topic: Gerhard Struber Rumour

Yesterday, 03:53 PM

Nice. Mr Struber manages Barnsley, however

😂 No wonder I did not hear his name!