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The sound of silence

16 January 2022 - 11:11 AM

Not sure whether the silence is good or bad. Hes not even really being linked to a move anywhere.

Cristopher Cragwell to RB2?

13 January 2022 - 11:00 AM

i'm sure today will be the day we sign a player from outside usl 

Doubt it. More likely you get an international signing for the USL team.

Cristopher Cragwell might be on his way from Panama

DM Andres Cubas linked

07 January 2022 - 12:36 PM

25 year old DM Andres Cubas from Nimes in Ligue 2 is being linked to a NY club along with a host of South American teams. Played in Ligue 1 last year before relegation. Looks like a fit based on tackling stats, etc. hope its us and not City

Edelman getting a first team contract

16 December 2021 - 07:40 AM

Edelman getting a first team contract according to Dyer


Hes from NJ though so dont think that has anything to do with last nights tweet

2021-2022 Offseason Thread

20 November 2021 - 09:27 PM

First up player decisions need to be submitted to the league on Nov. 24th, when the team will announce them who knows

Egbo, Pendant, Barlow, Royer all probably gone. Jørgensen depends on the length of his contract (If theres an option Id hope they would decline it).

Diarra back to RBS (hopefully)
Edwards back to Stoke
Duncan out of contract and off to Belgium
Coronel purchase option exercised
Fabio, Davis, Long, and Gutman ???
Jensen remains on loan until the end of the European season