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In Topic: Metro - Vancouver Game Thread

Yesterday, 09:02 PM

VAN travel issues:

Anyone know who of their regulars are unavailable tomorrow?

In Topic: Let's Go Mets!

Yesterday, 08:30 PM

That would be like firing the captain of the Titanic, after it had struck the iceberg.
Mets would not fire Terry Collins, because they would have to pay him & the new manager. Same reasoning here.

I agree, ownership are definitely the ones blocking it. I thought being that this isnt the new GMs guy, they would give him the freedom to pull the plug.

In Topic: Let's Go Mets!

Yesterday, 02:13 PM

I am honestly shocked that they didn't fire Callaway yesterday following the disaster down in Miami. 

In Topic: Metro - Atlanta Game Thread

Yesterday, 12:57 PM



Getting back to Lawrence, I love the guy and think he had a great game, but he went a little overboard when he screamed in Villalba's face.  Lawrence is generally a pretty cool character on the field, but he let his emotions get the best of him there.  If the game wasn't basically over, he maybe gets a stupid yellow, for the antics after the tackle rather than for the tackle itself.

Fair enough. I have absolutely zero issue with it. He didn't get a yellow and it is out of character for him, which means we probably won't see it happen again anytime soon. The team's had a rough go of it so far, plus the revenge factor for the playoffs (which he didn't get to take part in). I love the fire. Not to mention Villalba is a complete tool that deserves to be mocked. 

In Topic: Metro - Vancouver Game Thread

Yesterday, 08:54 AM

What's the best way to get tickets to this or one of next Metro games now days - is it Stubhub/SeatGeek or ticketmaster?

They all suck. Stubhub/SeatGeek probably have slighter lesser fees than Ticketmaster. 


Either way, tomorrow night you should pay no more than $15, all in, to get in.