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Random Player Name Thread 2020

22 October 2019 - 04:04 AM

Clearly a lot to be done if this team wants to thrive and not just survive in MLS these days. We're at a high risk of losing a lot of the guys who have propped this team up over the last two years - Kaku, Long, Lawrence, BWP, Murillo, and Sims could very easily all be gone. 
Here's where I'd spend some money if I had the checkbook
Tier 1:
DP striker to replace BWP
DP holding midfielder that pushes Davis to the bench
Tier 2:
TAM CB to replace Long if he is sold
TAM winger if Sims does not return
New coach
Tier 3:
Starting fullback to replace Lawrence if/when he is sold, or just to compete with Duncan for a spot


BWP may be done... And I'm a huge fan of his and imo he and TH14 have done the most for Metro...

That said... Metro need 3 DPs.. Hopefully we can get one more year of a 10+ goal BWP and maybe Royer can squeeze out one more year of this level and hopefully Kaku Cassares and Long and Taxi stay at this level or get better... But....

They're all at best a supporting cast... They have proven they aren't the clutch players that will win in big games...

Metro need to splash on a Metro 4.0 type DP... Yes I said 4.0 not a David Beckham DP MLS 2.0 not even a Carlos Vela or Miguel Almiron, Josef Martínez MLS 3.0 DP..

MLS needs to steal a page out of Chinese League and poach a big star.. They need to poach a in prime big name and finally join the ranks of what they have always preached about being the best...

They're many players in their prime eating bench not getting minutes, I'm not saying going after Griezmann. I'm asking a lot but I love watching this team. I want them to be as good as they can. So while I am asking a lot and may get flamed for saying that they should put up and take a giant leap I'm still trying to be as realistic as possible.

They're players still on the right side of 30 that if paid extremely well would come to any club be it in Asia or wherever so why not finally take that step and shell out.

Get 3 genuine DP. 2 1 at least younger than 30. But go after an actual big name that still is in their prime

I'm probably going to get flamed for this but why not say a 28 yo that players for a huge club, has shown decent form and can probably go to any other club in the world and compete for a starting job...

Why not go after a Lucas Vasquez or even a little bit older guy like Willian, or David Silva, or even Edison Cavani, Julian Brandt.. Or even a Donny van de Beek, Quincy Promes, Yarí
Verschaeren or Exequiel Palacios or Juan Fernando Quintero.. Or try to bring say a Timothy Weah back to the states or even the biggest of big US names at the moment Pulisic...