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In Topic: Kaku out?

Yesterday, 08:21 PM

Kaku's agent truly is a piece of work.

I will be happy to see the back of him. Kaku was a good player but not worth the headache of dealing with this a-hole.

In Topic: Juventus to poach Clark?

Yesterday, 07:23 PM

I was being sarcastic. Were getting shortchanged and we probably wont see a damned dime of it

These bastards are making it really hard to root for this franchise

Who is we? Red Bull is being shortchanged by h into a slightly smaller amount of money move from one pocket to another?

The rest of your post I agree with. I cant really care about this team like a normal team anymore.

In Topic: Chris Gloster?

Yesterday, 01:18 PM

I think this is not correct. I believe it is harder EU->UK, but easier for US/Mex/SA->UK, relative to pre Brexit.

My understanding is the same as yours, except that it is an even more notable change for young players with lots of youth caps. They count now.

In Topic: Wikelman Carmona

Yesterday, 01:11 PM

Im happy about this. If his development is fast, he can become and important contributor like Casseres did.

Of course we need senior signings too.

In Topic: Lineup for next season

Yesterday, 12:44 PM

Where is Casseres on all these lineups?