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In Topic: MLS, Red Bulls and Coronavirus

Today, 09:02 AM

 would habve loved to stay at NYRB for whole career.

hard to believe that Agudelo is still only 27

In Topic: 2019-20 Bundesliga

Yesterday, 08:23 PM

RBL now 5th with a game in hand.

Road win puts RBL back in 3rd.

In Topic: MLS to return for July tournament?

Yesterday, 09:07 AM

With hard times already upon us, the last thing MLS needs to do is cancel the season.
If no soccer is played this year, there would be at least a 17-month gap between games. Many fans may have turned their attention elsewhere, and might not return.
A difference between the league & the players of 1% is probably $3-4 million. Surely MLS can absorb that.
I can see why the players oppose attendance clauses.
Look at the way RB posts its BS numbers.
Other teams could easily do the same.
Even legit numbers could be manipulated.

In Topic: MLS, Red Bulls and Coronavirus

31 May 2020 - 09:29 PM

Metro unbeaten through May!

Only 4 points in 3 months!

In Topic: MLS, Red Bulls and Coronavirus

31 May 2020 - 11:56 AM

We should all be on the D train right about now,
heading from Legends to YS for the 3 PM game.