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Yesterday, 09:12 PM

This is not at all lack of heart. This group plays their asses off. It's just lack of talent. In multiple spots. Struber gets the most out of them but this roster is full of guys that other teams wouldn't even want, save a few.

Come on, collapsing in stoppage time or on either side of the half time break (Orlando) can certainly be blamed on players and poor execution. There are many things that the FO should take the blame for, and Struber deserves credit for what he's done with the roster but not being able to sit in a low block and keep a clean sheet a few more minutes is not due to a lack of talent necessarily.

Long vs DNealis at CB would likely have helped today but we've collapsed with Long playing as well, so not a guarantee.

In Topic: Metro - Crew Game Thread

Yesterday, 08:38 PM

D. Nealis: "what do you mean, track a runner?"

Ball watching on Etienne's game winner but the forward will always have an advantage there, tough position to be in. 


That said, he also covered the offside on the through pass for the first goal. Proves yet again he's not a CB and should never be playing there; I'd  much rather have 2 at the back than depend on a line of 3 with him there. I guess good to learn that lesson definitively before the playoffs? 

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Yesterday, 08:19 PM

They took off Elias? That was weird. 

Can't have more than one forward doing nothing offensively on the pitch...

Manoel was "involved" in Amaya's goal by losing the ball in the box before it was cleared to Frankie, so there's that, I guess.

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Yesterday, 07:42 PM

And then the centered it to NO ONE. You're stuck, sure... hit it off a defender and you get a corner.

He had Morgan... completely covered by 2 guys.


Got to try to beat the guy there 1v1. If you don't even dare do that, what kind of a professional forward are you?

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Yesterday, 06:54 PM

I cut the cord and no longer have MSG..

Any ideas how to watch?

Couldn't wait another couple of weeks?! Lol.


I've been without it for a while. Here's a dodgy stream that works today: https://cdn.sportcas...664667000&lgt=3 (ESPN broadcast)