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#1418644 Will Barlow play in every game?

Posted by ivo on 30 September 2022 - 02:22 PM

How possible is it for Barlow to change into a center-back? He has the height, and he's not the answer to striker. Either that or he should go, right?

He should be very good at not scoring own goals. 

#1418501 Pre-World Cup Thread

Posted by ivo on 23 September 2022 - 10:31 PM

Every striker sucks under Berhalter. You're not going to get good output from that position regardless of who you put there.

You can say that about more than just forwards. Saw this on twitter, seems reasonable: https://twitter.com/...VDfigCN0SChVzA. Aligns with the double pivot point from Doyle but also places the blame more on Berhalter assigning the central midfield guys wrong roles/tasks rather than execution/intensity/pitch quality, which GGG and others used as excuses.

#1418449 Dip in performance by Luquinhas

Posted by ivo on 22 September 2022 - 04:27 PM

I was going to say the biggest contributor is just fatigue but a lingering injury makes just as much sense. I'd much rather rest him the next two games and have him fresh for the playoffs, we're at very little risk of losing a home game seed.

3rd seed vs 4th is important but not like he's helping us make it happen. If he's hurt, definitely rest him for one or both games.  

Then he'll be like a new signing in the playoffs or in 2023. ;)

#1418360 Klimala is a horrible finisher

Posted by ivo on 19 September 2022 - 08:56 PM


This is the league minimum vet signing I would have been totally down for.

BWP is in the building. Too late now, but someone should have asked him to run some laps over the summer just in case...  

#1418349 Toronto eliminated

Posted by ivo on 19 September 2022 - 04:21 PM

Thats kind of my point. Very few people on this board give a pass for summer signings not working, but if its Bob Bradley, suddenly there wasnt enough time for them to make a difference.

To nitpick, nobody on this board is surprised when (very late and usually cheap) summer signings don't work, hence why we clamour for those signings to at least be made as early as possible. And/or in the winter (not spring) following a similar logic.

Haven't watched much of Toronto so don't know what the issue there is and can't comment on Bob's job so far. Usually spending helps but is not always an immediate  cure to all problems. I will say it's easier to drop one missing piece into a roster doing well than bring multiple guys and change everything, especially mid-season.

And to be clear, I agree that Struber certainly deserves a lot of credit for dragging a forwardless roster to its current position.

#1418306 Metro - Blue Poseurs Game Thread

Posted by ivo on 18 September 2022 - 07:32 PM

When you get just one shot on frame, you are almost never the better team.

We had good chances. Completely missing the goal is also a big problem, of course.

#1418234 Metro - Blue Poseurs Game Thread

Posted by ivo on 17 September 2022 - 01:15 PM

They are playing very soft. Getting run over. Not pressing at all. Chapman has shown he is not blowing the whistle for physical play when Red Bulls are on the ground. Clark, Morgan, Luquinhas are all invisible. Get Clark out and put Barlow up top with Manoel. Freakin go for it! Already down 2-0, who cares if you lose 4-0?!

Oof the reality of Barlow being our "go for it" option makes my head hurt

#1418152 Some academy players choose to leave

Posted by ivo on 16 September 2022 - 10:55 PM

Like him, there are hundreds of stories like this.Not everything in europe is as great as advertised. The development of American players is not prioritized since they count as foreigners

For an American, your better off developing in the states

High risk/high reward. Of course not everyone is Pulisic/Reyna/McKennie, but if the player thinks their ceiling is sky high, going to Europe is the obvious choice. Yes, the failure rate will be higher, just the nature of the beast. If it's about just making it a professional player, sure, MLS is the easy and safe route, but that's a very low floor, and the kids going to Borussia etc are hoping to become world class, not "just" pros. 
Pulisic/Reyna/McKennie going through MLS would've been a waste of a year or two at best, and it could've even stunted their career or development. Counter-example: would Jordan Morris be a better player if he had made the leap to Europe in 2016 rather than signing for Seattle? I would think so, though the ACL injuries obviously haven't helped. 

#1418014 Random Player Name Thread 2022

Posted by ivo on 13 September 2022 - 12:04 PM

You're thinking as RB executives.


A deadly finisher like Martinez is THE missing piece for us at the moment and as a fan with no money at stake, I'd jump at the opportunity. 


Sure, at no discount, we'd like a better younger option with more upside and no injury history, but I don't trust this team to find a striker to bring us over the top on the evidence of the last 10 years, other than BWP who was a once in a lifetime find.  Also, those players are not cheap at all either (e.g. Klimala at 5M).


Now, is Josef to NYRB actually happening? No way in hell, but I find it strange that people are basically saying no to him even in hypotheticals. The alternatives for 2023 at the moment are Klimala, Manoel and Barlow. Yeah, I'd take expensive injury risk on RB's tab, thank you. 

#1417970 Will Barlow play in every game?

Posted by ivo on 12 September 2022 - 02:24 PM

Ooh, did not realize he's now making that much! Had 120k in my mind for some reason, should've checked.

That changes my mind and I don't think he'll be around for much longer, though in recent years we've wasted more than that on multiple and somehow less productive players.

#1417921 Metro - Revs Game Thread

Posted by ivo on 11 September 2022 - 11:42 AM

And considering his drop in form, Luquinhas is still 2nd on the team in goals and in pts, 7g 6a in all comps. Also in a 3-way tie for team lead in assists (all comps) as well with 6.

It's a low bar!

Morgan has been tremendous, best signing since Sacha?

#1417718 Winter transfer window

Posted by ivo on 08 September 2022 - 04:06 PM

Long, tolkin, CCJ and morgan have drawn up transfer interest because they're having good seasons which is normal for every team in the world to have player rumors. BUT what makes us the fans nervous is that the organization has shown they are not capable of replacing these talented players. 

They have actually generally done a good job!


With one major glaring exception up top, ever since BWP declined and then moved on. 

#1417502 2022 Summer Transfer Window

Posted by ivo on 03 September 2022 - 05:26 PM

Wonder what Anatole Abang is up to these days.

Fuck it, I'm in

#1417471 Tyler Pasher incoming

Posted by ivo on 02 September 2022 - 06:18 PM

Probably got megged by Barlow and immediately released

#1416762 Red Bull is incompetent

Posted by ivo on 24 August 2022 - 03:35 PM

OKay. So now my second member service rep just emailed that she is leaving. The rats are jumping off the ship. Cant be too many people re upping this year. Theyve got work to do to fill it with casual fans who want bobble heads instead of talent.

In fairness, a customer service rep isn't a forever job and the turnover is pretty high at all times. I had 4 different reps in 7 or 8 years as a season ticket holder pre-2020.