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In Topic: No PATH service to/from WTC for 2019, 2020 seasons

Today, 11:28 AM

Hopefully, PATH will have on weekends separate Journal Square direct and Hoboken service a la weekdays, to eliminate the Hoboken stop going to JS. I doubt this will happen.  

The current plan they have released does not do this; it maintains the existing weekend pattern. 



Never knew about the school bus thing! I always walked.

From what I've seen it can be pretty slow when traffic is bad. I've gone through Newark Penn countless times and always just walk.

In Topic: Attendance slipping

Yesterday, 02:48 PM

I actually can buy it. It seems to be a sports business trend that I have noticed taking off in other leagues. I know both the Florida Panthers and Carolina Hurricanes did it in the NHL. Reduce or end comp tickets and stop dumping cheap tickets on secondary markets (something teams claim they don't do but it seems pretty well known that they do). It seems to be primarily an attempt to prevent season tickets from being devalued by ludicrously cheap secondary market tickets. The result can be that actual attendance declines but paid attendance goes up. 


It's the age old question of whether to maintain a certain price point for your product or just try to get as many butts in seats as possible. 

In Topic: Attendance slipping

Yesterday, 11:35 AM

Some surprising news given that attendance is down. I guess they stopped providing so many comp tickets and flooding the secondary markets with cheap tickets (anecdotally this seems to be true; I was able to sell tickets for games I could not attend this season for a lot more than the past two years). 






We enjoyed a tremendous year, due to the hard work and effort from the club’s executive leadership team and front-office staff. We generated the highest revenue figures in franchise history this year, which included ticket sales revenue growing by 14 percent. For the first time in club history, we had 100 percent renewal from our marketing partners, and increased the number of total partners by 25 percent. The food and beverage per-caps at Red Bull Arena reached an all-time high, culminating in a total revenue record for the organization.

Merchandise and apparel sales in the Bull Shop, our team store located in Red Bull Arena, increased over 35 percent in 2018, while online sales skyrocketed nearly 55 percent. This is largely due to the team’s success, our fan-friendly players and the pride our supporters have in representing the club with the new red jersey that was released this season after years of fans campaigning for a jersey that reflected the team’s campaigns of ‘Red Together’ and ‘NYisRED.’


In Topic: Adams to Leipzig official

08 December 2018 - 07:28 PM

i thought LeBron endorsement deals would go up if he played in NY or LA idk...

Endorsement deals are fine, endorsement deals from an entity affiliated with the team or with the intention of circumventing the salary cap are not fine.

In Topic: Adams to Leipzig official

07 December 2018 - 11:02 AM

With This signing it made me think of something...

So if RB Leipzig and NYRB works with synergy, why can't NYRB and the actual Energy Drink RedBull work together? Can't NYRB they just go around the salary cap and or Fifa fair play rules by signing players to a low wage to stay under the salary cap but after signing him or at the end of his time playing with RedBull sign him to a huge RedBull energy advertising endorsement deal?

Like say for instance getting a guy like Macnelly Torres and since he's without a club and has no agent he could be a easy sign. And then sign him to say 100k... Then after he signs the deal and or even completed the deal or retired or whatever RedBull sign him for an endorsement deal for say 4-5 million

This would almost certainly be a CBA violation. I know that the NFL CBA has an explicit provision against this and I'm sure the MLS does too.