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Some people light up smoke bombs

10 March 2018 - 07:44 PM

Did the GSU cunts just light up a "blue" smoke bomb? When the rest of the South Ward lights up "red" smoke bombs.


29 November 2017 - 08:44 PM

With the potential demise of the NASL, would anyone object of the Cosmos ownership buying RedBull? I never really understood the objection of Cosmos being part of the MLS. Maybe it was MLS owners not wanting to experience the collapse of MLS ala Legacy NASL due to free spending Cosmos back in the day. But it could be a possibility.

We can even throw in Beckham's ownership team into the mix. With the hurdles they have had to face in Miami and continued doubt of the feasibility of the city, why wouldn't Golden Balls consider buying an existing Team? With RedBull, you have one of the best stadiums already built and a market that you can attract big name players.

I only stipulate because the lack of investment in player talent by the current ownership is starting to be frustrating. I was a full season ticket holder and have pushed back on my rep to give me a half season package because I just do not believe in our ownership. Been a supporter since Day One. Seeing how all the new franchises are investing in exciting talent is frustrating to see.

With all the new player acquisition rules and Garber bucks to spend, there is no excuse.