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In Topic: Metro - Montreal Game Thread

20 April 2023 - 09:28 AM

Only exception to this would be if you had an Android mobile phone and you are on the road and away from a bar. There is no Apple TV app for Android mobile phones unfortunately.

Android user here. Apple TV works fine in browser, although it's ridiculous that they don't have an Android app.

In Topic: Vanzeir "incident" vs San Jose

16 April 2023 - 10:41 AM

As an aside, even if Vanzeir did call the ref a "monkey" and not a Black player, using that phrase on a soccer field is absolutely unacceptable given the long history of Black players being called exactly that by players, fans, etc. (To be clear, I'm not accepting that as the word that was said, but it is plausible).
(Also, on a deeper level, that phrase, even as a joke about kids acting crazy, probably comes from a place of historically embedded racism. I don't expect a 24-year old soccer player from Belgium to be considering that level of subtlety on the field, of course).

In Topic: Vanzeir "incident" vs San Jose

16 April 2023 - 10:30 AM

He actually did say that he didn't believe it was at him: "I do not believe it was to me I can feel pretty comfortable saying (that)..."
Could it be at other SJ player? I think it is unlikely given Jeremy was the one most involved and the investigation did take place and determined only a 6 game suspension. I guess we will never know, but like others have stated - Dante should get the benefit of the doubt in the absence of otherwise proof.

Why is everyone ignoring that fact the player who committed the reckless foul is Afro-Brazilian? It just happened that one of the leading Black voices for racial justice and EDI in the league was right there. He's also clearly a team leader. Of course he's going to speak on the issue.

It's also obvious why Ebobisse would think that the words weren't hurled at him. Whether they were hurled at another SJ player — Again, Judson committed the foul — or the ref doesn't really matter.

Ebobisse's comments are also being taken out of context. He specifically addresses the dynamic of being Black in America as the accuser in this situation and what that means.

Of course there is a guy who could have prevented the San Jose players from being in the impossible situation of having to make the call whether to "accept what Vanzeir said at face value" — Struber.


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In Topic: Metro - San Jose Game Thread

10 April 2023 - 11:27 AM

The first one is tough...if a red was given on the field for DOGSO, I don't think it would have been overturned, but I can understand why the yellow on the field wasn't considered a clear and obvious error.

The second seemed like it should have been red. It was a bad, reckless challenge, but he did try (and succeed) in pulling back when he realized what was about to happen. I'd err on the side of red there because it was still really reckless, but I can understand why they stuck with yellow. (I also wonder whether the ensuing shenanigans impacted the VAR decision on the foul).

In Topic: Vanzeir "incident" vs San Jose

08 April 2023 - 10:08 PM

It's unbelievable that Struber didn't take him off, even if the allegation couldn't be confirmed right then and there.