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In Topic: 2020 RBNY Home Jersey - Black?

Today, 09:02 AM

I have the black / grey save the oceans one from 2018 and I love all black so Im down.

In Topic: Metro - Columbus Game Thread

Yesterday, 12:06 PM

The next four matches are all weekend games with a full week off, we could easily see the same XI each time no reason to rotate.

Royer - Kaku - DE7
Taxi - Long - Parker - Murillo

Meara, Tarek, Davis, Muyl, Omir, Ivan, White

Davis hasnt been good CCJ is our #1 CM currently so maybe sit him one game to get his head right.

Lets see what BWP can do with a start if hes really moved to super sub then fair enough I just think come playoff time it needs to be BWP.

Let DE7 get another start and see if he can win that RW spot.

Feel bad not starting tarek but unless we go 532 hes gonna be sitting.

Something like this could be interesting though. That weird 3331 we played under Marsh for a bit.

Royer - Kaku - DE7
Taxi - CCJ - Murillo
Tarek - Long Parker

In Topic: Random Player Name Thread 2019

Yesterday, 11:42 AM

[Butler] Also, a secondary transfer window signing seems imminent for #RBNY "I wouldn't be surprised in the next two weeks if you see a signing," Armas said.

The last three guys Ive seen us linked with are attacking mids wingers. Romanian Guy, Ecuador guy, so logic says maybe were getting that LW?

Then again maybe its just Rito.

Got one week....

In Topic: Reserve teams moving to USL-1?

20 July 2019 - 10:04 AM

Interesting! I never knew this!

Are some independent opponents upset at being beaten by MLS reserve squads? Do they want RBII out?

My guess is they love the level of ability we have and the story they can spin with long / Adams the whole path to pros thing theyve got fits in perfect.

They dont like our 500 person attdance and probably the name RB2.

One of those can be solved and unless we move they team to Coney Island / Columbia I dont see it possible to keep the team training as an entire unit. Imagine Brooklyn Red Bull playing somewhere? I imagine attdance would go up and the league might be happier with the name. But then were back to playing on random field.

In Topic: Reserve teams moving to USL-1?

20 July 2019 - 10:00 AM

A big loss with all reserve teams is the fact that there is such a different problem to solve each week.

With Lou city / Tampa its grown men against 19 year olds
So they learn how to grind and fight I think a lot of that gets lost if they play reserve teams every week. The organization needs to find a way to keep them training with the first team week in week out and playing in the USLC.