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In Topic: Metro - Orlando Game Thread

Today, 02:06 PM

Not absolving anyone else, but Duncan made a critical error to start the play, and then was so far out of position that he was unable to get back to deflect the shot out.
With 4 in the back, he had no cover.
The center backs each had someone to cover.

2v3 on the pass in our half. Tolkin could've done better in slowing the pass to the left or fouled to stop an obviously dangerous attack. Long runs away from both the ball and the open attacker on ORL's left (yes, Duncan's attacker, but you need to cover situationally).

It's a team game and high pressing by wingbacks often results in situations like these. It's not like Duncan was freelancing and doing something against tactical instructions. Yes, the error sucks and I'm sure he knows it, but the goal is not only on him.

In Topic: Metro - Orlando Game Thread

Today, 01:58 PM

Not sure why Coronel gets a blame for this. Yes it was an acute angle

This is why

In Topic: Metro - Orlando Game Thread

Today, 01:09 PM

He was set up for a shot on an early corner & skyed it.
He was responsible for the ORL shot that scored.
He misjudged the header and whiffed on it,
so he was out of position for the ensuing give & go.
He then failed on a sliding block on the goal.
That was the game.

Missing the header was a bad mistake, but ORL then carved through the heart of our defense with a couple of simple passes and the shot went directly through Coronel. Obviously Kyle shoulders a lot of the blame for the goal but to absolve everyone else on that play seems very generous.

In Topic: 2022 New York Red Bulls II Thread

Yesterday, 06:07 AM

Carmona and Castellano were agent service because they share one with CCJ.

Completely nondescript and unremarkable players.

Wiki has a powerful shot.

In Topic: Tyler Pasher incoming

09 August 2022 - 05:34 PM

We could use literally warm bodies at certain positions, so sure, I guess.