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Tom Barlow Appreciation Post!

10 May 2023 - 12:02 PM

Alot of shade always thrown at Barlow. 


He's had a few great plays this season - the assist last night, the through ball to Manoel.... 


The guy is working and is improving... Not where he needs to be certainly, but lets give a little credit to Starlow.  


Some talk of assistant coaches - Lesesne should bring BWP onboard to just coach up these forwards... Burke whiffing, Manoel never learning how to chip, and Barlow not being able to track a ball in the air.... These are all mental things I think. Hell, I've said it before, can we get Henry over here for a month of striker training? 


Side note - after the Philly game, Barlow hung out meeting all the fans, when everyone else went in... I desperately want Barlow to succeed, for him and for the team. 

The Cosmos used to be a team

09 May 2023 - 11:19 AM

If we rebranded to anything that wasnt based around Metro, Id question the ability of the people making that decision.

Yeah - Metro is a unique name and it's used and pronounceable in just about every language. 


RB I think screwed up by not calling the team RB Metro.


Only alternate I could see is Cosmos - it just has that 70s vibe that I could see intrigues an ownership group. I was thinking the other day, what about Comisario buys the team, just to become a voting member in MLS and pushes from the inside for pro/rel. 

Troy Lesesne in the Membrane!

08 May 2023 - 02:08 PM

Lets get it! 


He name checked meeting with Mario Gomez and Schnieder...

Does the roster need improvement?

09 March 2023 - 12:22 PM

People's feels on the roster consistent preseason vs. 2 games in? 


My big concern was depth at CB and LB and I think that remains.... I also have some concerns now about the attacking side of midfield (which I didnt before), but I think just a little time to gel into the system is needed. There's a lot of players pushing for those spots - hopefully pressure makes diamonds out of Luqs, Fernandez, Harper....



All in all - they are who I thought they were. Just need to string some wins together.