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In Topic: Etienne tweets about snakes... then gets loaned out

08 August 2019 - 01:24 PM

Derrick is gonna be beloved here forever and he was capable of great moments. He always felt like a square peg in a round hole in our system. It sucks that there was never an attempt to try and make the system better fit him. We chew players up and spit them out and it sucks. Derrick won us a Shield. It shoulda been (and lets face it, probably will be soon) Andy Ivan.

In Topic: 2019 Need a Ticket Thread

03 June 2019 - 10:58 PM

Probably a little early to get on this but might need one for Tuesday.

In Topic: 2019 Need a Ticket Thread

29 March 2019 - 02:50 PM

Anybody got one for RB2 tonight?

In Topic: 2019 CONCACAF Champions League Thread

08 December 2018 - 10:50 PM

Our route to a final will go through Santos Laguna in the quarterfinals and potentially Tigres in the semifinal. Houston the only other MLS team on our side of the bracket. Saprissa-Tigres a matchup where you could see a bracket-buster. 

In Topic: Metro - Columbus Playoff Thread

02 November 2018 - 01:16 AM

Game is the 3 p.m. kickoff on ESPN.