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#1340606 2019 CONCACAF Champions League Thread

Posted by Grelladinho on 14 February 2019 - 02:47 PM

I guess it will work on gaming system web browsers.

But big fail not having it on regular TV or on a network that has an app set up for Apple TV, Roku, Fire stick, Chromecast and all the other streaming devices.

This competition will not grow if it's only available on stuff like Yahoo Sports. People don't want to watch games on their phones on computers, put it on a TV like everything else.

#1339531 Club America wants Kaku

Posted by Grelladinho on 24 January 2019 - 07:19 AM

All his tweeting about leaving/liking stuff is really starting to get on my nerves. Kind of disrespectful to our team and fans IMO. It's one thing to want to leave. It's another thing to be this open about it. We just broke the bank to acquire him, make him our #10, and now he wants to leave after 1 season to go to a club that is only a small step up from us. The least he could do it show some class and be professional about it. 

The last tweet is a dead giveaway. A four leaf clover and an eagle (Club America), saying how he is hoping for the last key to open the door? It's ridiculous.

#1339417 Club America wants Kaku

Posted by Grelladinho on 22 January 2019 - 06:04 AM

given the team's scouting network it would be crazy if they were not at least ready with feelers for replacement DPs at all times so agree with this at minimum.  When you acquire appreciating assets/players it only takes one big offer so you have to be ready and the way rules our set up in this league you have to sell.  
But like everyone has said if we have a replacement in mind that they are confident they can close deal on this winter you do it.  $750k in GAM could pay for Rza to come back or could be used to trade for someone good (like Alessandrini).

GAM/Rza and Alessandrini with Kaku gone isn't going to guarantee a title though. Alessandrini is the guy you add last season -- the final piece to get the club over the hump. Not as a replacement.

Red Bull should be keeping Kaku AND making a multi-million DP splash this season if they want to win a championship.

#1339163 CM is our biggest issue

Posted by Grelladinho on 16 January 2019 - 06:34 PM

We didn't have Taxi
We didn't have Taxi
We didn't have Taxi.....

Parker and Murillo did way more ball watching than Lade in that 3-0 game. So that argument doesn't make sense.

#1339158 CM is our biggest issue

Posted by Grelladinho on 16 January 2019 - 04:52 PM

I don't see how CM can be the biggest issue when the club went into the postseason last year with the league best defense on an incredible run of form and having an all-star CM in Adams -- AND they still couldn't get it done.

It shows you that no matter how good the defense and your defensive-minded midfielders are, you need to score goals to win titles. Offense is by far the #1 need again and it's not even close.

Unless you can bring in a CM that will score 10+ goals next season, getting a big splash winger or forward to play next to BWP is required and in my opinion more important.

#1339041 2018-2019 Offseason Thread

Posted by Grelladinho on 14 January 2019 - 10:31 AM

In about a month from now we will know whether or not Marcus Epps is the marquee signing for the offense this offseason.

#1338921 Attendance again

Posted by Grelladinho on 10 January 2019 - 05:17 PM

I don't think it's about insecurity, it's about messaging. Clearly people's tolerance for large corporate influences are high in the sport, look no further than the ownership of most clubs. Still, the optics of having a soda brand be your symbol and name vs. knowing your team is owned by shady corporations are different. One is constant and in your face, and I do think it has an effect. Undeniably there will be people who don't give a shit one way or another, but you're kidding yourself if you think the team benefits from it's name or that the name is a complete non-factor. It may well be a minority opinion, but it is one of several things that hinders the team's efforts to expand its following/attendance. 
Also the name Giants doesn't invoke a soft-drink which is more widely known than the team itself. The whole purpose of branding the team the Red Bulls is to serve as an advertisement for the brand. The contexts of the two scenarios are different. 

I just think more fans root for teams based on their proximity to them and/or quality, not the name. No way to prove that but there are plenty of big sports franchises with weird/uninteresting names and they do fine.

#1338912 Attendance again

Posted by Grelladinho on 10 January 2019 - 03:39 PM

I'm not saying it is the worst location in the world, but I wish they would have gone all on the Queens location they were kicking around in the early/mid 2000's.  I think mentally it's easier to get NYC to the boroughs than Jersey.   The Flushing Airport idea was kind of cool too, but that's water under the bridge.  We're in Harrison, we're not leaving Harrison for the next 20+ years.
I think this city pays attention to teams that win with stars as the foundation.  We really don't know what type of popularity this club can attract from the rank and file New Yorker with a championship under our belt.  I have some bad news...no one in this country really cares about the shield.  Hardcore supporters like us do, but we've established that alone isn't enough to fill a stadium.
So to me, you need some "pop" in the roster, good quality football and championships.  You also need to force yourself into the collective conscious of this region.  That's done with marketing and recognizable talent.  I'd like to start there, see how the crowds are with MLS Cup and needlemovers, since that's the most "on-field" thing they can control.  And i don't mean an over the hill guy either...I mean a couple of guys in their 20's that can carry this thing for a few years with talented young guys to complement.  I love the Atlanta model, don't get me wrong, I'd be willing to try it.  But I do think we need some name power to attract fans.  It needs to be a "THING" to go to a Metro match.  That happens with star power and championships.
The final thing we need is to remove the "ick" factor of our branding. That's the EASIEST thing we can fix.  I think that is one of the biggest turnoffs to the fans of south/central American and european soccer.   Aka, the large expat community in the city that follows football.  We need them to adopt us as their "other club". 
We're an advertisement, that does not help us connect to potential fans in this region either.  Soccer is hugely popular among my age group and younger.  But they gravitate to European clubs and snub their nose at 'Red Bulls'.  I don't think that's as big of a deterrent in other cities, given what Seattle, Atlanta, Portland, Kansas City are attracting.  Hell, even DCU seems to be "back".  That city really got behind them this year too.  .  
The soda can brigade can try and act like that's not a problem, but it is and will be.  It is a huge mental barrier for people to get over, especially football purists.  It makes recruiting and retaining fans so much more difficult.  

It's only a mental barrier for a very tiny fraction of American soccer fans who can't get over the fact that the game and culture is different in America than it is abroad. There is no problem with that either.

MLS as a league is not European 'football' and doesn't share its history either. In America, we don't use teams as vehicles for political protest, we don't 'kick off' outside the 'ground' before 'darbies', and we don't follow the structure and manner in which other leagues do.

People can pine all they want about how they wish MLS and Red Bull were like Europe, but they aren't and likely never will be. I also -- and I think many others as well -- couldn't give a shit what anonymous people around the world think of the league. Ok, so let's say the Europification of MLS happened...does that make you sleep better at night knowing that some 'authentic' fan thinks better of you? Lol

#1338911 Attendance again

Posted by Grelladinho on 10 January 2019 - 03:25 PM

How young are we talking? I'm 25 and I say fuck having your team named after a corporation, and although I get how it works in individual sports like snowboarding, racing, etc I find the concept of having your team named after a soft-drink abhorrent. It has played a major factor in curbing how much time/money I've spent on this team. 
I can also say anytime someone has asked me what team I follow, there is almost always a negative reaction to our name, ranging from mild amusement to pure disdain. Similar to what many have said about nothing being 'the factor' either in terms of drawing or repulsing fans, I think this is definitely a factor that has limited the team's ability to draw in fans and keep them. 
I specifically think it is the very personalities who would drive game-day experience and a sense of shared community, the type of people who could help create more of a culture around the team,  who are driven away by the name. I'd hazard a guess that people who want to jump around and scream for ninety minutes and pour their heart and soul into something would find it hard to do so while shouting the name of a giant corporation.
Just my take/two cents, but what do I know, I'm just a dumb millennial and the soccer has the youngest viewership/following of any sport in the U.S... 

This to me is also a very minority opinion, one that seems to driven more by people's inability to overcome their insecurities than what the names of the sports teams are that they support.

I mean think about it -- you are suggesting that the team being named Red Bull is driving away hardcore fans, as opposed to the club being named something generic like Harrison FC or Metrostars? You actually think there are that many people out there triggered by the name?

Who cares what other people think of the name? Do you think there are people who refuse to support teams like the Giants because they don't like the name Giants? I mean how insecure can you get.

#1338406 Playoff format changes next year

Posted by Grelladinho on 19 December 2018 - 04:22 PM

three game format is painfully long and just a terrible perversion of the two legged series...

And on another point 14 teams?! At most it should be the top 3 in both conferences...

Or better yet just do away with the playoffs

The single table structure is boring. In Europe the same teams start to pull away each season and by the halfway point (or sometimes even before that) unless you are following an oil money club why continue watching? To see your team maybe finish in the top couple spots so they can get pummeled by the same oil money teams next season in the champions league? Or grab a Europa League spot to face a bunch of no-name clubs?

In theory the format makes each game more important but it sure doesn't feel that way. There is no huge showdown to look forward to at the end of the season and it's pretty lame.

#1338259 Playoff format changes next year

Posted by Grelladinho on 14 December 2018 - 05:56 PM

They took this down, anyone saved this or can recreate in a post here?


That calendar, if real, is leaps and bounds better than what they do now.

#1338159 Marcus Epps taken in Waiver Draft

Posted by Grelladinho on 12 December 2018 - 09:15 PM

Agree, my dream is axing Ivan and using his salary for someone better.
My current winger depth chart
Im still dreaming of a Pavon / Kaku level guy on that right wing....

That depth chart is thin on goal scoring ability. Some decent bench options though.

#1338060 2018-2019 Offseason Thread

Posted by Grelladinho on 12 December 2018 - 05:51 AM

Would you take Sacha back on a bargain basement contract, for a bench role only?

#1337996 2018-2019 Offseason Thread

Posted by Grelladinho on 11 December 2018 - 03:04 PM

The formation didn't fail.   Not pressing in ATL is what failed.

No, it failed. It didn't work at home and has failed in plenty of playoff series before this one.

#1337252 Metro - Atlanta Playoff Thread

Posted by Grelladinho on 30 November 2018 - 08:21 AM

Disappointing end to the season, I thought this might have been the best Metro/Red Bull team ever.  Last night was better than Sunday, but it was too big a hole and Atlanta had the luxury of being able to sit back and just crowd the final third.  Give them credit, RBNY may have been a better team, at least in the regular season, but Atlanta was better in these two games.
Almiron is very good, but I can't stand the flopping.  If he goes to the Premier League, he's going to get chewed up if keeps it up.  Not defending the fools who throw things from the stands, but Almiron was absolutely acting when he went down grabbing his face.  And there were one or two other instances where he went down easily and than faked being hurt.  I know people say it's part of the game and he's only getting an advantage for his team, but it's embarrassing.

Fans in England are also more intense. I think Almiron will struggle mightily if he goes to Newcastle.

Could you imagine him taking a tackle from someone like Milner? He would fucking crush Almiron and then get in his face for flopping.