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Today, 09:57 AM

I think we envisioned Amaya as another 6/8 not knowing how Struber was going to utilize the 10 position, but with CCJ playing their last night it seems Amaya fits what he is looking for, unless of course that was a one off.

Unfortunately, think its going to take a bit to find an ideal XI, even more so when neither White or Barlow are capable of playing as a complement to Fabio and Klimala is likely multiple weeks from being ready to play.

It seems like the strikers need to fit an archetype of tall, fast, and good with their feet to make this work. White doesnt have the pace, Barlow doesnt have the feet. Not sure if a smaller SS type like Omir or Harper fit there. Maybe Royer as a default for now

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Today, 09:20 AM

If Struber sees CCJ as a 10 Id much rather have Omir or Valot starting there while we wait for Amaya to get in and up to speed.

Clark is built for it as well but he doesnt get on the ball enough outside of scoring wonder goals.

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Yesterday, 10:30 PM

Also I thought maybe we would be done with the duplicitous injury reports, but I guess not.

Pendant was kept under wraps unless you looked at the roster page or waited for the injury report 1 day before the match and Yearwood isnt listed at all and is nowhere to be found. Didnt even mention Egbo being loaned down to RB2 with no acknowledgement

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Yesterday, 10:07 PM

Dont have another 6 outside of a 50 minute fit Diarra either. Saw how we fell apart when he came off and Davis slid back.

All these midfielders and 1 viable option is a guy with 2 fucked legs. Maybe Amaya can play there, but with the way Struber utilized CCJ I think Amaya is seen as the 10?

In Topic: Metro - KC Game Thread

Yesterday, 04:55 PM

Struber says everyone is now healthy minus the new injury to Pendant - surprised not to see Yearwood in the lineups here. I think he starts on the right side of the diamond.

Hope so