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So uh...

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Markus Schopp kinda sucked.  So did Ernst Obster.  Omer Damari partially responsible for playoff collapse.

I can't let your denigration of the great Ernst "Rock" Obster go unchallenged.  He almost single-handedly kept us alive in that W Connection series.

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No one here is complaining about our solid pipeline of young homegrowns coming up to us from the academy. 


We don't need young RBL players, what we need is the $ freedom to bring in more players wherever they may be from. 


This sums it up for me. 

RIP Guillermo Romulo, Alexander Francis Orig and Celenio Eleazar.


RIP Cesar Castello, Mike Vallo, Glenn Stampiglia, Bob Paquette, and Warren Lee


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I'm missing some history from the early Red Bull days but have we actually been bitten in the ass by this in the past? Of all our outbound transfers, has anyone other than Tyler gone to Leipzig, which is actually a really good fit for him? Have we had any loanees other than Brian Nielsen fall totally flat?
I only see the Leipzig pipeline as a potential positive without any negatives. Players coming here know the option could be there, but there's literally nothing Red Bull can do to force them to make that move. And they're not gonna pass up a transfer fee elsewhere in the market just to prove otherwise.

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Tyler is our only export. We've had guys train abroad... all of the red bull teams used to a winter training camp at one point and the games were very competitive. I believe One of our guys got injured in a friendly against Salzburg

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