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Bob Galerstein

12 February 2020 - 05:30 PM

MF Fam,

As some of you have heard by now, RBNY have decided to let go of long time public address announcer Bob Galerstein after 23 years with the team. This decision was made by marketing (because of course it was) due to declining attendance. It's a decision that is particularly shameful in the context of what he has given to this franchise, and though perhaps I'm miscalculating, I find it pretty far-fetched that the attendance issues have anything to do with Bob at all (this is a guy that called the Stanley Cup for the Rangers ffs).
In full transparency, this is a personal issue for me - Bob is a friend of mine. My father was involved with the Metro organization in the early days and Bob and him got along famously. When my father passed in 2001, Bob not only stayed in touch but he made it a point to be a friend of mine. The amount of times we've discussed this team over the last decade+ is incalculable. He lived & breathed Metro and knew just as much about this organization as any of us (in fact, more than most and he's a long time reader of MF). The amount of conversations we've had about RB2 alone could fill a book. 
I'm not sure what can be done at this point, but I'd like them to hear about it from all of us. It's a shame that Red Bull marketing made the decision to fire someone as dedicated and long-serving as Bob, especially given their own inadequacies over the year supporting this team. They should know that culture matters to us, it does matter... and it's more than just slapping some red & black on some things to sell some shit, they should honor the people that have promoted this team from the onset.