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2018 US Open Cup

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We aren't allowed to have flares in our actual sections anyway so it's not like it changes anything for us.

It's open cup and they were in Ottawa too.  Don't see MLS doing anything about that shit fire show lol



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You've forgot about MLS's latest rule change!


Homegrown International Rule

Any player who meets the requirements to qualify as a Homegrown Player as a member of an MLS club academy, either in the U.S. or Canada, or has met similar requirements as a member of a Canadian Approved Youth Club+, will count as a domestic player (i.e., he will not occupy an international spot) on both U.S. and Canadian club rosters provided that:

  • The player became a member of an MLS club academy, either in the U.S. or Canada, or a Canadian Approved Youth Club in the year prior to the year in which he turns 16;
  • AND the player signs his first professional contract with MLS or an MLS club's USL affiliate.


Nobody knows for sure, but it looks like this issue is this:


  • Mark-Anthony Kaye does not have a green card, but does not count as an international player in MLS because of the above rule.
  • Because he doesn't have a green card, he does count as an international for USOC play.
  • But the official lineups from US Soccer don't list Kaye as an international player, and LAFC actually claim that they specifically asked about his eligibility, and US Soccer told the team that he wasn't an international.


So it looks like LAFC definitely broke the rules, but the screw up was that US Soccer told them it was okay.

Got ya.  Thanks


In that case, would have to think that LAFC is good.  They asked beforehand so the screw up is on US Soccer.  No shock there.

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