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In Topic: Struber to Bremen? Struber to Man U?

03 December 2021 - 09:27 PM

Marsch had a shitty hand to work with. The Leipzig team from today is miles worse than the one that pushed for first in bundesliga a couple of years ago.

In Topic: Fabio, Gutman, and others released

01 December 2021 - 10:11 AM


As expected, bye royer, Matty, Fabio

In Topic: Metro - Worms Playoff Thread

01 December 2021 - 09:30 AM

1. Would love ptfc to win. They seem to have a solid fan base + Gio is the man

2. RSL despite their name. At least they're in the west

3. Philly ugh

4. I don't even want to imagine the blue team winning it all.

In Topic: MLS Free Agency 2021-22

01 December 2021 - 09:28 AM

i think stroud could start on this team. in rb2, he tore USL apart and when he was with us in MLS Back he could of had amazing stats if Barlow had any finishing ability. the work he put in to set him was really good. the kid is a workhorse. 
as for signing unproven talent, we can but we need them to go to rb2 first.  that team currently has a talent deficiency.  guys like asad, stroud, or alvarado are place holders until rb2 can develop someone to replace them.  they are not meant to be the stars of the team.  we will need a competent bench this year since it will be a compact season. having said that, we still need a difference maker on the offensive side of the ball that should be acquired through the DP route. lets see how this plays out. 

The fact that stroud can start on this team is a harsh reflection on the current state of our roster. We need less strouds and muyls and Barlows if we're ever going to compete for an MLS cup

In Topic: MLS Free Agency 2021-22

30 November 2021 - 10:48 PM

Given our team's strong preference to sign young unproven talent with high ceilings that we can "mold" into the red bull way

Why would we sign any MLS retreads off the free agent wire? We'd be far better spending a few hundred thousand in transfer fee for some 19 year old right back from Zambia. And if we really want the next stroud then I'm sure someone on rb2 is younger and a better prospect.