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In Topic: All coronavirus-related arguing

28 March 2020 - 01:34 PM

Dont let the truth get in the way of a rant:

I don't know what you think these links prove. The mayor of a town isn't freaking out and so therefore a system which lets innocent. kids die if their parents mess up is good? 

In Topic: All coronavirus-related arguing

28 March 2020 - 01:28 PM

Being a moron yourself does not mean that you are logical.
If every child in California can get free medical care by their parents signing up, failure to do so is on them.

The fault is in his/her parents.
You know that, but refuse to admit it.
I expected the mayor to be carrying on, but
was surprised to see him calm about this.
My expectations here have been met.

buddy I already pointed out that the parents fucked up. This isn't an either/or scenario. Multiple parties can have culpability here. The parents being morons aren't an excuse for us standing by idly and doing nothing when it was entirely within our power to prevent the death of a child. 

In Topic: All coronavirus-related arguing

28 March 2020 - 01:09 PM


Blame his family. California has free medical coverage for any low-income family with children that enrolls:


This is moronic logic. Imagine a family pushed their child onto the train tracks. Okay, they're idiots. Got it.


But then imagine the engineer of an approaching train was given ample warning, let's call it three minutes before arrival, that a kid was on the tracks. However, there were some bureaucratic rules in place which did not allow the conductor to stop the train. So the train runs the kid over and kills him despite having ample time and resources to stop the train and prevent it.


Regardless of the parents' fuck up,  you would 100% say that the train system that allows kids to die preventable deaths is reprehensible. 


Sorry, no, I refuse to absolve a system which lets a vulnerable child die at no fault of his/her own. 

In Topic: All coronavirus-related arguing

28 March 2020 - 12:55 PM

My point is that more people are going to start talking about when this actually is going to end, and maybe then you will hear something from the leagues about when they intend to resume.

Right now it seems like taboo in society to question the economic response to the coronavirus but that is going to change real soon.

it's not taboo to discuss it. How the middle-class and below will pay for rent, groceries, child supplies, etc is very much an important topic at the forefront of everyone's minds, and we should be discussing solutions.


What's taboo to talk about is stock market trends for billionaire corporations and wall street executives who have more money than anyone could possibly ever need to live a comfortable life. As if it's a reason to subject millions of people to a deadly virus.

In Topic: French left back Jason Pendant

10 March 2020 - 01:44 PM

It would be so metro we sign a left back and he gets caught up in international quarantine.

get over here!

This is why we didn't spend any money during the winter. Hamlett anticipated a global pandemic derailing the MLS season. Genius.