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In Topic: Metro - Seattle Game Thread

Today, 05:45 PM

Since the new IFAB rule changes went into affect after the MLS season started, MLS defers them to next year.

Yeah, I'm aware. Look at what I'm responding to.

In Topic: Metro - Seattle Game Thread

Today, 04:32 PM

MLS hasnt implemented the new laws of the game, they will next season.

Under the new laws, if it makes any contact with the hand, at all, no goal.

Didnt matter imo though.

Huh? Pretty clear hand contact, so under new rules, it would be 100% disallowed.

Even under the current/old rules, I think it seems pretty intentional the way he turns his body/left his arm hanging. I thought it was weird to not even have the ref look at replay.

In Topic: Fewer than 5 games left

Today, 10:48 AM

My playoff mindset now: Let's draw NYCFC and knock them out at Yankee Stadium. Successful season. More likely we get sent home in round 1...but again, if someone else knocks out NYCFC, success. It's like the Lehigh-Lafayette rivarly in college football, the most played rivalry at 154 games going back to 1884. One or the other can lose all 10 other games on their schedule, but if they beat their rival in week 11 the year is judged a success.

Yeah, that's a very high school/college level mindset.

Would obviously like us to win a title before NYC, so them losing in the playoffs is great. But judging our season a success because NYC also lost is just ridiculous.

In Topic: Metro - Portland Game Thread

Yesterday, 02:25 PM

Portland lost at home to DC and are 7th in the West, will be playing all out in this one.

In Topic: Metro - Seattle Game Thread

15 September 2019 - 05:37 PM

Terrible clearance by Tarek to set up Seattle's attack for the 2nd