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In Topic: Miazga is long gone

Today, 12:26 PM

Does he really think he's ever going to play for the Chelsea first team?

No, not anymore. At the time, I'm sure he had hopes to get there at some point, e.g. 1-2-3 years after signing.

Still getting paid though, and Chelsea wanted too much money to part with him last summer.



In Topic: Lineup, as it stands

Yesterday, 01:01 PM

Ok - whats the bet, you funny guys?


Klimala-esque acquisition (in expenditure) before 3/1? I'd bet money on that. 


I am all for being anti-Red Bull or a Red Bull sceptic, but Thelwell makes moves. His career tanks if he doesn't make moves. Struber's career tanks if the team quality doesn't improve. RB can't sell players if they don't develop. Everything points to some moderate (but DP) level acquisition year after year. 


In fact, if there is not a Klimala-esque expenditure for this season, then I take it as a bellwether that RB is totally out and moving their money into F1 engines. That might even be my preferred result, RB sells the team now and we get some local ownership who view the team as an end and not a means to an end. I felt that was the outcome for a bit, but the new training facility has forced me to believe they are here to stay.   

That's just swinging between different extremes of unbridled optimism and wishful thinking. :) There's no way they are selling the team in the near term, but I guess there is a chance they are looking to spend ~$5M in the next month, and I hope they do. However, counting on it happening and saying "Everything points to [that]" is very optimistic imo.

In Topic: USA World Cup Qualifiers Thread

Yesterday, 10:27 AM

The weather could easily end up being an equalizer, hampering both teams, and not the advantage it was intended to be. Should be a comfortable win regardless.

In Topic: This is what we're dealing with

Yesterday, 10:24 AM

I went back through MF pages from last offseason - below is when player threads were started, while I didn't open each thread, I would think the thread start date is close to the date of a first solid rumor. 


Haksa - Thread started 1/5/2021

Harper - Thread started 1/15/2021

Reyes - Thread started 1/16/2021

Edwards - Thread started 1/20/2021

Fabio - Thread started 2/5/2021 

Wiki - Thread started 1/25/21

Junior Adamu - Thread started 1/28/2021

Coronel - Thread started 1/30/2021

Estrella - Thread Started 2/9/2021

Diarra - Thread started 2/25/2021

Gutman - Thread started 3/10/2021

Klimala - Thread started 4/1/2021


Forget about the earlier MLS season start for a minute, and we should expect to see some movement very soon. 

I see one game changer on that list (Coronel), and he took a while to get going. 0 outfield game changers*. We'll undoubtedly get some more players in before competitive games start, but anyone that will immediately make us significantly better than last season, let alone good enough to help us win MLS Cup? I'll believe it when I see it.


*maybe Reyes if you're generous, but he took a long time too; maybe Klimala if your baseline is Barlow, which it shouldn't be

In Topic: "Taxiarchis Fountas" is not a brook in Athens

26 January 2022 - 07:47 PM

Here's an easy summary of what everyone means. The deal DC gave this guy is objectively ridiculous but we don't get any trophies for spending "well" and the money saved doesn't mean shit if we don't actually sign a different impact player. 

There _should_ be a "points per dollar spent" trophy, we'd be in the running for it every season.